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manfried 13th May 2020 08:47 AM

expansion pak always on

I did not find how to make it so I guess it's no possible so far (thought I might be wrong) :
Could there be an option to configure the default settings for an unknown rom ? I am thinking a lot about the expansion pak.

Let me explain my case: I am in the process of homebrewing for the N64. For what I am doing I needed 8MB RDRAM. But each time I build a new version of my ROM, PJ64 does not recognize it so it set 4MB RDRAM. So each time I need to change the setting for this specific new ROM.
I saw I could manage in PJ64 UI options/settings or in Project64.cfg, but still I need to do each time I have a new version of my ROM which is not convenient.
Of course I test my ROM with the real hardware too, but most of time for things that don't involve Gfx stuffs it's much simplier to check with PJ64.

By the way, I don't really get why not all the ROM have the expansion pak on by default ? The extra features unlock is always done in each game setting.

Thanks for you feedback on this, maybe I just miss something ?

ExtremeDude2 13th May 2020 11:35 AM

What version of pj64 are you using? I thought they already did this.

manfried 13th May 2020 01:46 PM

I am using

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