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Jench92 16th September 2017 05:37 AM

Gauntlet Legends black (no blank) textures
The game all the textures that not move are on black, not blank, black, I have V. 2.3

ExtremeDude2 17th September 2017 12:23 AM

Why on earth are you using rice video?

HatCat 17th September 2017 04:10 AM

Actually, the black textures happen with Jabo's Direct3D and I think at least one other plugin IIRC? But it wasn't RiceVideo; that's like the most playable HLE video plugin with Gauntlets.

So actually in that case I would say he should be using it.

Or if you want to be a randomizer about it then he shouldn't I guess, cause Konami games!

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