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Aelvir 27th April 2015 10:23 PM

PJ64 Can no longer play SD Hiryu no Ken Densetsu??
Awhile back I was able to play it on PJ64 but it was a pain. The default plugin (Jabo's 1.6 would have scrambled parts of the screen elements in wrong places but it wasnt a problem till you start a training session or enter a battle, which makes a big block of distorted gametext block you view (like 89% the entire screen), so I would have to use the other plugin for battles (Jabo's 1.5.2), but the only problem with that one is that the effect animation for C-down efect (supposed to be a trail of golden dazzling-ish sparkles) end up looking like they were generated with the spray pain tool in microsoft paint. It woul also be a black-screen with sound after battles (basically anytime I'm not fighting a battle, would be a black screen), which forced me to switch between Jabo-1.6 and 1.5.2 constantly. It was a pain but at least I could play it.
(Example of what I mean :

But NOW, I tried using it with v. 2.1 (I also tried the new one: v2.2, but ending up with the same results as v-2.1), it would be the distorded hiragana text. I press a and it begins the animation for showing the CulterBrain(TM) logo, but once it finishes rotating it the thing freezes(not the emulator but the animation, since it allows me to do stuff like edit setting and junk.), it would also do the same if I press start to skip the logo to try to get to the main menu. I tried EVERY SINGLE other video plugin:
Jabo's Direct3D8
Jabo's Direct3D8 1.6
Jabo's Direct3D6 1.5.2
Glide64 For PJ64:
but, all ended up with the same result (the graphics for the distorted hiragona was replaced with a black screen with glide64. The culture brain logo's graphics had this big black square on the lower part of its graphic (the 3 'jabo's' plugins I named do the exact same, excluding the blackscreen part), THEN, after a bit of a while I get this dialogue-box :


While processing graphics data an exception occurred you may need to restart the emulator
The title on the box is changed from Direct3D8 to Glide64 if I was attempting to play the game with the Glide64 For PJ64: plugin .

Example of this ordeal here:

I then said you know what? I'll just try different emulators. Then, I tried these following emulators.
and Nemu64
All of them failed to even load the rom. 1964 tries to open the ROM and just stops and gives up. It just returns me to where I was before clicking Open ROM.
Nemu64 tries to open the ROM but then comes "Nemu64 has stopped working and it PBBLT!s on me.

I don't see how PJ64-v.1.6 can play Densetsu but not 2.0to2.2! :eek:

Frank74 28th April 2015 12:47 AM

Can't help I'm afraid. I get the error Unable to detect ucode 38221D7F in d3d syslog.txt. Tried LLE gfx and hatcat's static interpreter RSP.

theboy181 28th April 2015 01:34 AM

I did a quick test with GLideN64 and it looked a lot better than the videos you posted.

LLE mode seemed to look better as the 2d textures looked proper. However, it plays much faster on AL plugin.. ;)

RPGMaster 28th April 2015 02:20 AM

Jabo's video plugin is a no go for that game. Glide 64's slow, but otherwise worked fine for me. 1964 Video seemed ok too (can't remember if menus were mega slow). Would not recommend 1964/Rice Video for PJ64 due to conflicts.

SD Hiryuu works in 1964 1.1, you just have to set up controller plugin a certain way. Iirc, I got it working after enabling mempack or something. PJ64 seems a bit more stable for the game, but 1964 is my favorite emulator :D .

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