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gingerkid 11th January 2014 09:43 PM

Controller Configuration Problem - C pad not working
Hi guys, I've recently started playing more of my N64 games on the computer rather than the console and I bought the Mayflash adapter to use my controller with Project64. For the most part, everything is working beautifully but I've run into a glitch with the C buttons.

The controller plugin that works best for me overall is N-Rage Input Plugin V2 2.3c. It's allowed me to use the joystick and other buttons in a smooth way that perfectly emulates my N64. However, none of the games are registering the C buttons with the N-Rage plugin.

To clarify, if I configure the controller for N-Rage, it recognizes and lets me input the C buttons just fine. But once I actually start playing a game, the C buttons just don't register. For example, if I'm playing Doom, the C buttons don't work and if I go to the controller options within the game and try to set one of the C buttons as one of the controls, it doesn't do anything at all, while the joystick and the rest of the buttons do register when pushed.

This does NOT happen with with Jabo's plugin, so it's not the controller itself. Unfortunately, I can't use Jabo's plugin because the overall control isn't great and makes it difficult to play games. N-Rage would be ideal as it emulates the console control perfectly aside from the fact that C buttons don't work within the games themselves, even though I'm able to enter them when configuring the controller.

I know this is a common issue and that it's been addressed on various forums, including this one, but browsing through the other threads I didn't see any real solutions. Does N-Rage just not recognize the C pad or does that particular plugin not work with the Mayflash adapter (even though other plugins do)? Or do I need to tweak the settings somewhere in a way that I'm overlooking? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

RoxShadow 12th January 2014 12:19 AM

Hello, probably your N-Rage plugin is the problem, try use the JaboInput 1.7.0

gingerkid 12th January 2014 05:01 AM

Thanks but I did mention that above...I've tried Jabo's plugin and the C pad works but the plugin itself overall does not function that well and does not result in proper controller emulation so I can't use it. That's why I was wondering if there might be a specific reason that the N-Rage plugin is not allowing use of the C buttons, when other plugins do :)

MajorFoley 1st February 2014 02:18 PM

Ok im having a little issue with mine, you say you can't use jabos and n-rage.
What OS are you on? If your on 7 go to devices and printers, go to properties of the controller and select whichever gamepad socket your using. Then calibrate the controller, this lets you use jabo without a problem. Unfortunately for me while every other plugin works fine, jabo does not seem to find my c-down button whenever i try to input it and im wondering if you will get the same problem.

helper1234 22nd February 2016 03:53 AM

My C buttons wasnít working with my project64 v2.2, so I deleted it. Now I use project64 v1.6 with the Jabo patch plugin for project64 v1.6 and every buttons works. C BUTTONS WORKS!!!! Go on Google , search this & click the link ~~~>>> - Project64 1.6.1 (Nintendo64 Emulator) <<<~~~ Project64 v1.6 and the Jabo patch plugin for project64 v1.6 are there.

Note : If you use project64 v1.6, I bet your C buttons will works even if you donít have the Jabo patch plugin for project64 v1.6.

And use emuparadise website to download any rom, from any console.


YalithKBK 19th August 2017 12:20 PM

C buttons with joystick input
I am in a similar situation as gingerkid. I am using P64 version

Using Jabo's 1.7 and Jabo's 1.6 - I can configure the C buttons and they work in game when pressed alone. However, I cannot get them to work when combined with the joystick. I discovered this when playing Star Fox 64 and was unable to do a loop (down on joystick + C_left). BUT I can boost, which is done with C_left alone.
Using NRage 2.3 - I can configure the C buttons, but they do not work in gameplay.
Using NRage 2.1 - My controller isn't even detected. I cannot assign buttons.

P64 1.6 - I get a black screen so I can't play any games.
P64 2.2 - Really terrible sound clipping/laggy/general terribleness

Thoughts anyone?

ExtremeDude2 20th August 2017 02:14 AM

What controller are you using?

mectis 17th November 2017 11:40 PM

same situation as YalithKBK. I do not know how to solve it. I do not work the "L" and some buttons "C".

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