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Seeife 12th April 2015 01:41 PM

Yes I think I could sure do that. Only problem is that the value for kokiri sword isn't documented in your MANUAL and I'm not exactly good at this reverse engineering stuff :D

Edit: It's 4D apparently. Nothing at all seems to be FF. So should be easy.

HatCat 12th April 2015 09:20 PM

Found a link which should work; let us know if it doesn't. Really what I've been trying to do is rewrite this little thing to be less embarrassingly coded, but in the meantime I think that should do it.

shinra358 15th April 2015 07:03 PM

Anyway to change the name that you created before you started the game in Zelda?

HatCat 15th April 2015 08:03 PM


        File buffer [block] is renamed, changing Link's name as well.
        Let [string] be the string of eight ASCII characters to replace with.

        Usable characters for code point conversion:
            '0123456789' (code points universal to all versions)
            'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz' (0x24:0x3D USA, 0xC5:0xDE JAP)
            ' ' (used either as a space or to null-terminate writing)
            '-' (JAP more like an en dash)
            ':' (JAP works fine, USA file label, EUR new glyph in game play)
            '~?!(),/' (JAP)
            '' (EUR)

You can use any of those characters to rename your file.

What the game does with less-than-8-character names is just pad with spaces until the name is 8 characters, so you have to fill in the spaces yourself when renaming the file.

Example if you want to rename File 1 to "Link", you actually have to specify as

"Link    "

shinra358 15th April 2015 08:37 PM

Thanks. Does this also work with OoT?

HatCat 15th April 2015 10:37 PM

OOT uses SRAM, not flash RAM, so it is a different save chip entirely.

Never was particularly fond of Zelda OOT. Figured it was popular and rated highly enough that somebody else would do a save editor for it even if I never cared to, with or without any sort of help or influence from the MM one I am doing here.

So far I've done at least one save editor for: a) mempak, b) EEPROM 512 B, c) EEPROM 2048B, d) flash RAM, but SRAM is the only type of save chip I have not yet written a game save editor for. I was contemplating whether I should do one for Super Smash Bros. or Zelda OOT...but if it ends up that I were to choose Zelda OOT, it only is because of my interest in Majora's Mask as a game. I figure maybe if I did decide to write a save editor for OOT it would continue to unravel more information about MM, both in and out of the flash save.

midomidi2013 24th April 2015 04:30 PM


Originally Posted by Seeife (Post 61419)
Hello, I hope you have collected more information on this, really appreciate your work!

I have a strange problem:
I lost my save file on which I played to right after the first boss after the first temple, so I tried your program with this code (I think you posted something like this somwhere here):

zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --file-erase
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --file-new true
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --file-rename "Link " # or whatever name you want
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --owl-statues 0000000011011100
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --inv-subscreen 0000 # have Ocarina of Time
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --inv-subscreen 0101 # have Hero's Bow
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --inv-subscreen 0E0D # have Pictograph Box
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --inv-subscreen 1212 # have an Empty Bottle
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --inv-subscreen 1D32 # Deku Mask
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --songs 0000000011010011
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --wallet 01
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --temple-Woodfall 00000111
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --boss-masks 0001 # you finished Woodfall

All my C buttons are assigned to Ocarina and can't be changed.
My attack button is located to Ocarina, can't attack with my sword but instead he just pulls out the Ocarina
TL;DR: Everything assigned to Ocarina
Now what? ;( Thanks

The issue is if he tries to hide that in the small print. Otherwise there wouldn't be a problem. See edits to my previous post.

HatCat 3rd October 2015 08:42 PM

Sorry for the bump but better late than never for me to clarify this.

I've long since deleted the OP attachment in this thread. I'm no longer providing the binary release of this 4-year-old utility.

So I have already ported most of the features to my new, from-scratch save editor sources:

List of features I have implemented so far to edit the progress:
(Scroll down to Data Structure in each 4096-Byte Section.)

You can compile it right away by executing `./` on Unix-based systems, or in the MSYS/MinGW Git command shell on Windows (or by double-clicking make_w64.cmd if you happen to have the Windows DDK installed). I might push release binaries once the crossover has been completed more.

HatCat 12th October 2015 09:24 PM

Update--I could swear that somebody in one of the threads here (or maybe in a PM) asked about the lottery numbers and how the flash save file stores the winning numbers. Can't remember where or who it was.

Well actually I just happened upon a pattern that fit exactly that, so it's implemented.

Now this save editor can be used to view or change the winning 3 lottery numbers.

The command to do it goes something like:

zs ./mysavefile.fla -l 0 1 0 1
zs ./mysavefile.fla -l 1 6 6 6
zs ./mysavefile.fla -l 2 9 1 1

That sets the winning lottery ticket numbers to 101 for the Night of the First Day, 666 for the 2nd night and 911 for the final night.

You can also just see the winning numbers by executing `zs ./mysave.fla $DAY_NUMBER` without the last 3 parameters.

As usual there is more info on the wiki page about the featured command.

jas282 28th February 2016 01:22 AM

i've spent hours in Visual Studio 2015 trying to compile build this thing... no luck. can someone smarter than me please do it? thanks in advance.... :confused:

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