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luckylavs 16th October 2015 06:04 PM

Issues with Project64k and Windows 8?
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Not sure why this is happening. When Project 64k loads, I get the normal rom selection window just fine.

But then when I select a rom..well I hear the sound okay. But no video appears on the main screen. I can only see the video if I mouse-over the project64k icon on the taskbar. Once I have done the mouse-over, I see a tiny white window with the rom running. I can't maximize this little white window, I can't drag the windows borders to make it larger. I don't have the option to restore. I have tried going through options and running it at different resolutions, but no matter what resolution I pick, the rom always runs in this tiny white window.

Any ideas? FYI: I'm new to windows 8.

FYI: Looks like the version I have is 1.4 v. 0.13. I think someone told me before that this is the version that works with netplay.

RPGMaster 16th October 2015 07:24 PM


Originally Posted by luckylavs (Post 63838)
Any ideas?

Don't use Project64k

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