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Vorpal86 7th November 2008 04:49 PM

1:1 Video support?
It'd be nice to see the emulator allow for regular screen size emulation display. Or it could be nice to adjust the screen size to each game as already allowed, but with easier adjustment. (of course we'd need to know the exact resolution the pirticular game was designed for, as I have noticed a few games not using a standard - resolution) I've played several games using NTSC 320x240 (the assumed low-res screen display for most ntsc games, pal could be different...) and the text is almost always distorted, and not displayed properly. I'd like to see a crisp clean display, more/less.

I'm not sure what gives on this part, but it just doesn't appear to be proper.. At any rate, school me if I'm mistaken any, this is just my observations. Maybe there is a way to determine what resolution the game at hand utilizes.

HatCat 8th November 2008 02:51 AM

Most games start at 320x240 resolution and were designed in that resolution. It is not uncommon to find textures like font reference maps that were designed for higher screen resolutions by the font artists. It is also possible for icon resizing to be off e.g. the timer clock in Virtual Chess 64.

If you want a crisp appearance there is the software renderer option.

If you want to experiment with the game's designed resolution you can force resolutions in the "ROM Settings" tab in Jabo's graphics plugin configuration.

Smiff_ 8th November 2008 09:36 AM

Vorpal86, could you please post a screenshot of what you're not happy with - there are several different issues it could be.

squall_leonhart 8th November 2008 11:01 AM

i think the complaint is about certain games which have black boxes around the displayed image,.... Snowboard kids 1/2 for instance.

Vorpal86 10th November 2008 01:32 PM

Here is a snap. Notice how the text is distorted. This is 320x240 window (pj4 1.6). Also, this font looks to be a low resolution font so it should fit right. I'm not concerned with the black borders, as long as the display is proper. I know it's something to overlook, but it's just something I wondered about. I just wonder what causes this.

Here is Mario 64 in a 320x240 window with the rom settings set to 640x480. I'm still not certain how this function works considering the image decreased in size rather than increased. I kinda got the idea. It seems the lower the size I input,the larger the image gets scaled. It's weird. I don't quite understand...

So, what may be the problem? It seems to be an aspect correction problem I guess with my monitor or gfx card.

Is there any way currently to center 320x240 games (for instance) in the middle of a full screen resolution such as 640x480 in their native (1x) 1:1 resolution display? That was one of the things I wanted to add originally.

Smiff_ 10th November 2008 01:44 PM

fair point on the distorted text, the texture co-ords are not entirely accurate, jabo might want to take a look at this (although probably this is years old!)

the resolution, this is the resolution of the game (not the window), so if the game is natively 320x240 and you tell the video plugin "actually it should be 640x480", itll come out quarter size... exactly as you see. centring, no its calculated from top left, but with the new aspect controls jabo might be able to move it anywhere now. need to get jabo's opinion on this too.

Vorpal86 11th November 2008 09:06 AM

Thanks Smiff. I think I may have gotten the hang of setting the game width and heigth to be more precise if required. I like games with reading, RPG's etc, or adventure games with reading and the distorted text bugs me sometimes. I haven't tested 1.7xx yet as I have not donated yet for the cause. I must see what cash i have left after bills and all.

I enjoy this emulator and would definitely want to see a new better version of it. I have an out of date PC and am currently saving to build a new modern one, one that would due pj64 more justise. I have a fairly old gfx card and all, and don't think it renderes the n64's gfx hardware properly. Some games text like Quest 64 shows up pink and doesn't look right.

I'm hoping that the hres texture load/save function gets working cause' I'd like to do some hi res textures for Quest 64. The game already has some of the coolest looking, and cleanest textures even as it is. Some of the scenery looks very beautiful. :)

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