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chefkoch 10th November 2008 01:39 AM

Real (Un)Plugin'n'Play of input devices
Hi all

Like mentioned in the old beta forum ( ):

I would like to see much better input device support or handling.
The perfect solution would be:
  • detecting devices on the fly
    This includes:
    • detection of new devices, when those are plugged in to the pc
    • detection of devices which has been removed from pc
    • enable/disable the input devices for using them in pj64
    • all this without the need to restart the emu or the game
  • one-time configuration of each type of device
    Each device type needs only configured once. After a profile has been created and assigned all device from this type, is automatically configured through this profile.
    For example: you have 2x Logitech RumplePad 2 controller and 2x Saitek AnyController XS ;)
    you need to define 2 profiles, and all 4 controllers are working.
  • as an extra for the more advanced user, maybe the behaviour should be configurable:
    when device 2 is unplugged, should device 3 become 2 and 4 become 3?
    should this be done after the a new rom has been loaded?

This would make the game expirience better, because you don't have to worry about the fact whether the devices are plugged into the usb hub, which is under your couch ;) before starting the pj64.

Maybe other of you have suggestions, comments, or second that? Maybe we could improve or create a concept how this all could be work.What else could be done? Is it useless for you because you?

I personally start my games with a remote from my couch out of a nice GUI, so this would increase my gaming expierence and it's also a reason why i wouldn't need a rom browser in pj64 itself, but we all have other priorities.

All in all keep up the good work with this fantastic piece of software

thx and best regards

squall_leonhart 10th November 2008 04:06 AM

the devices are detected on initialisation of the plugin, redetection would require re-init'ing the plugin

Vorpal86 10th November 2008 01:53 PM

This brings to mind something I have thought about, if it was possible. The configuration of Mouse + keyboard plugin to use with n64 games since most of them are in fact 3d games. For instance, I've played turok 1 and 2 on the PC and using my mouse to control my characters direction while using the arrow keys to move my character is much easier in a lot of games (3D ego shooters mainly).

So would this be an option, or is it not so easy to implement?

You can save a config using the NGage plugin, providing you are still using the same control stick you set it up for.

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