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pwdcj 14th May 2015 09:59 AM

Sensitivity Issues
Hi guys,

So I just bought a cheap eBay N64 controller, the problem I'm having is sensitivity - for the joystick it's all or nothing.

Eg (Mario/Zelda) - I can either run or stand still, no slow walking

Eg - Supersmash - As above, also I can only do smash moves

Is there a way I can get the joystick working to some sort of gradient - ie, small push to the left registers differently from a heavy push to the left? I can change the sensitivity higher or lower no problem, but I want a 'gradient' of sensitivity, like I remember I could do back in the day with a real N64 controller. If that makes sense

Or maybe the problem stems from the fact it is a cheap N64 controller? I don't know, but please help! Maybe there is a plugin or 3rd party joystick configuration program that could help!

ExtremeDude2 14th May 2015 08:27 PM

It's prolly a bad controller

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