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Ceason87 3rd November 2019 02:57 PM

Audio / Video Issues
Hi Guys,

I apologise if this is already listed somewhere but i couldn't find any informationon it.

I'm running Project64 2.3.2

I've finally managed to get a good set of n64 roms that i'm happy with but have encountered a strange problem with project64.

The sound wasn't very good and the image quality was shocking with the standard plugins so I did a bit of research and decided Shunyuan's HLE Audio 1.8.2u1 Audio Plugin would give me good sound quality so downloaded it and it was excellent.

The next issue I addressed was the picture quality for which I downloaded Angrylion's RDP Plus r8 Plugin Which gave me excellent picture quality.

Now the fun begins.

When running both of these plugin's on their own with the default option for the other plugin they work excellent but I have an issue when i run them both together the image quality stays great but the sound plays as if it's having to buffer with that sort of stop start effect and it plays alot slower than usual aswell.

I've tried every audio plugin I can find but they all suffer this issue when running alongside angrylion's RDP Plus r8 video plugin some even suffer this issue regardless of video plugin.

and even using Shunyuan's HLE Audio 1.8.2u1 audio plugin with other video plugin's I get the same issue (Only with the plugins that give good image quality).

I've even made sure my audio and graphics drivers are as up to date as possible incase that was causing an issue.

Can anyone help with this issue or suggest alternative plugin configurations that are known to work together for good sound and video quality.

Thanks in advance


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