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retroben 5th September 2014 01:55 AM

I have not found a skip code yet,but here is an interesting code.

Conker BFD (U)

Intro Swap (broken)
D00BE9F7 0021
800BE9F7 001D
It takes you to a walkable Game Select "Cock And Plucker" room!
Press R to realize you seem invisible.
Can clip through walls into a bottomless pit which took me to a broken Bull Fighting room.


These below are when used with the intro swap code,and thus have neat side effects.
Exiting rooms normally will make you enter the proper room for the exit,and will also have weird side effects.

00=Broken Bull Fight Room??? (Y U NO TEST LEVEL?)
01=Inside Barn
02=Main Uga Booga
03=Waterless/Glitched Terrain Bulldog
04=Tediz Shore
05=Nothingness (fun for animation mod)
06=Windy Day
08=Massive Textured Floor
09=Messy Terrain
0A=Furnace Boss Room
0B=Gears Room
0D=Cheese Wars??? (lags,soft freezes from too many objects spawning)
0E=Tediz Tank Room
0F=Uga Raptor War???
10=Barn Pit Boss
12=Inside The Safe
13=Main War Area
14=Uga Colloseum
17=Depths Of Safe
18=New Game Scene (not walkable)
19=Building Before Uga
1A=Multi Heist
1B=Tediz Laser Mines
1C=War Tediz Execution Posts
1D=Game Select Room
1E=War Tediz Before Electric Chair
1F=Garbled Mess Of Terrain (not crashing)
20=Massive Textured Floor
22=Not Quite Dead
23=Heavily Armed Tediz Boss
24=Multiplayer Tank Area,You lost at Heist?
25=For Mature Audiences Only/Massive Textured Floor With Blue Sky
26=War Tediz Turret After Electric Chair
27=Inside The Hornets' Nest
28=Tediz Toxic Drainage (Can swim in mid-air)
29=Waterfall Top (get explanation to get back moves)
2A=Freezes Game (soft freeze)
2B=Squirrels VS. Tediz Room (as squirrels),Lost at Heist?
2C=Poo Cabin
2D=Total War
2E=Learn Frying Pan
2F=Tediz Electric Chair
31=Rock Solid
32=Lava Board Race
33=Multi Lava Board
35=Great Mighty Poo
36=Not Matrix
37=Poop Chute
38=Mafia Table
39=Bridge Feral Reserve
3A=Feral Vault Door
3B=Windy Night
3D=Snake Way To Mansion
3F=Multi Uga Raptor

I will finish this level select code list when I get the chance.

Edit:FOUND IT!!!

Intro Skip
D00BE9F7 0021
800BE9F7 001D
D00E0B94 0001
800E0B94 0003
It even starts out focused on Multiplayer!

oddMLan 5th September 2014 04:17 AM

Wow, the walkable Cock and Plucker room code is crazy cool :D
You can get a real nice view of the decapitated banjo head over the chimney now :p

Also YAY at the skippable intro code, I don't get why the developers didn't allow to skip the intro in the final game (in the ETCS proto the intro was skippable btw, so I dunno why they changed it)

Other requests if you don't mind :D

retroben 5th September 2014 05:43 AM

The levitate code is invaluable for this.
It actually is not in 1st person,just hold R to see where Conker is and press C-up to get a better view.
You can already get to that part from the bar itself,but there is no rain.

I will have to start a game and check the memory viewer when Berri's house is used.
I am unfortunately out of time until Sunday.

You can even do this if you don't feel like waiting.
The 2.x build may crash on search,but memory viewer still works fine when clicking refresh to see the current values.
Three numbers are for the level.
First is the current level,2nd (code) is level to load next,and 3rd is last level visited.
Get to the part where you see Berri in her house,and refresh the address in memory search to get the level's value.
New changes appear in red.

RPGMaster 6th September 2014 10:20 PM

retroben, have you tried the modified mupen64 with renegade built into it? Imo it's the 2nd best emulator for the type of work you're doing. It even has gameshark codes that update even in recompiler mode.

The best emulator for debugging is obviously Nemu64 though :D .

anyway, I think you should try renegade if you haven't already.

retroben 6th September 2014 11:09 PM

That was the primary reason why Mupen sucks on Windows since it lacks Gameshark support in all normal builds and otherwise can't run DK64 properly.

I can try to find that version you mentioned with Renegade built in.

RPGMaster 6th September 2014 11:42 PM


Honestly, does any emulator even play DK64 well? I hear so many problems from different people.

One thing I love about Mupen is how good the audio is.

retroben 7th September 2014 01:11 AM

Well,give me some time to think... *me being a douche*

I think there is one called PJ64 that can run the game in near perfection with proper animations and full collisions. *stilll being a douche*

The only issue is the same one all emulators have with the stretchy model glitches. *douchiness has expired*
PJ64 never gets the dreaded warp glitch from climbing trees or swinging on a vine.
I can live without the pause graphics by disabling "read every frame" on Glide64 for a speed boost,while the banana ports properly show translucency before stepped on regardless of that setting.

I can't try that version of Mupen until Sunday.

Edit:Ice Mario already found a level modifier for conker!

Strange thing,his part is 810BE7FF which also happens to be invalid because of the odd number with 81.
It should be 800BE7FF instead.

retroben 7th September 2014 04:56 PM

Oops,I ported.
Conker Animation Mod
810CC352 00FF
810CC358 0000
800CC2D5 0000
800CC2D3 0006
D0042A14 0008
810CC354 0xxx
D0042A14 0008
800CC2D3 00C6

No values listed yet.
You stay stuck in one spot and can only view the animation you choosed.
It must have been done this way because of issues with displaying the animations.
I could have sworn I already had a different animation mod in the emudigital/emudesc unofficial cheatlist for PJ64.

The offset difference is -420 to a PAL code in 800Bxxxx range and higher.
I took my PAL Conker's pot to get the resulting NTSC code and changed the activator to match NTSC,which was -390 off of the PAL Activator.

I will try to find a simpler animation mod if one is available.
Otherwise,I will try to port various PAL codes that have yet to be ported.
(some of them have been ported by ConkerGuru while others remain unported.)

Just ported Ice Mario's level modifier.

800BE3DF 00xx
Same as listed before,but only after loading any save file or just die once to get warped to the level from chapter select.

Edit:LOL! My complete million dollar save file has the bull picture on it now!

Fixed the animatio mod to work with mobility! :D

Animation Mod
D0042A14 0008
810CC352 00FF
D0042A14 0008
810CC358 0000
D0042A14 0008
800CC2D5 0000
800CC2D3 0001
D0042A14 0008
810CC354 0xxx
D0042A14 0008
800CC2D3 00C6
0002=Hello,Is somebody playing this game? etc.
0003=Tapping Foot
0005=Crouch Jump

Forgot,press D-PAD UP to make the animation happen.
Now you can move around freely and see animations,you can't see them when swimming though,but you can hear the hello speech with 0002 while swimming.

Edit:My 64bit Chrome Canary is finally out of the infirmary.

retroben 7th September 2014 08:20 PM

I think that "I" actually made the animation mod port earlier on in PJ64 over a year ago!

Here it is copy/pasted from b23/ver23.

810CC352 00FF
810CC358 0000
800CC2D5 0000
800CC2D3 0001
D0042A14 0008
810CC354 000A
D0042A14 0008
800CC2D3 00C6
The current animation is punching without frying pan.
This version stops all other animations and lets you move while attacking.
I think the one I posted a little earlier is a bit better since normal animations are unaffected when moving.

Edit:I also made my own standing animation mod over a year ago!

Conker Standing Animation
8109B8B0 0xxx
0008=Conker Farted
0056=Throwing Glass Cups
0068=Conker's A Pyro
0081=Kicking Fiz Cans
0091=Hate Butterflies
009B=What Time Is It?
009C=Actually Diving Forward
00B9=Lazy Conker
00C1=Endless Fire
00C3=Knife Throwing
00C8=Head Stuck In Ground
00D9=Shoot Acorn Tops/Z Shoots Faster
00E0=Conker's Face Bout To Piece
00E9=Tail Flight Press Z To Twerk!)
00EB=Actually Crouch Jump
00F1=Squished With Blood
00F4=More Seizuring
00F6=Bloodless Squish
00F7=More Knife Throwing
00FC=Arrow Shooting
012F=Death Hand Holding Tail
0151=Gas Masks
015D=Wield Chainsaw!
015F=Slash Chainsaw!!! (try it on Birdy the Scarecrow in the first windy mission for funny results)
016B=Bee Spawn! (crash on beehive)
016C=Bigger Bee Spawn!!! (crash on beehive)
019E=Conker Roll'd!!! (DKC Donkey Roll'd meme with Conker)
01AA=Conker is Having A Seizure!
01BA=Rock Solid Worm
01BC=Left To Right Party
01C2=Hangover Laying
01C3=Hangover Cough
01CB=Party Dance
01CC=Raised Arm Dance
01CD=Toilet Paper!!!
01EB=And they were like Dehdehdhedhedeh
01EE=Gun that works with 01EB
01F4=Spreader Shot?
01F7=Matching Spreader Gun
020E-020F=Matrix Jump! (breaks physics until getting hurt)
0218=Pukeless Barfing
021D=Fall Flat On Face
0222=Another Gunshot
0225=Another Gun
023C=Matrix Bullet Dodge
023E=Conker Is Out Of It
0240=Battery For Helmet Light (NO! DON'T EAT THAT BATTERY!!!)
0244=Matrix Wall Start
0253-0254=More Gunshots
02A2=It Is A Surprise!
02B1=SMACK! I'm A Woodpecker
02B7=The Big Bog Monster (Banana Slamma)
02C2=Bone Weapon
02C7=Missiles? (not as much lag/best choice)
02C9=More Arrow Shooting
02CA=Strange Knife
02CC-2CD=Throw Strange Knife
0346=Falling??? *insert funny music here*
0352=Dead On Water
0353=I can't get up!
0354=Bone Stab
0355=Swinging Bat (Highest Normal Animation)
0360=Empty Animation?
FFFF=Empty Animation?
The values 0360-FFFF could be crash proof filler slots.

Animation Speed!
8009B8B2 00xx
02-63=Less Slow

Disable Idle Animations
8009B8B4 0002
This will keep them from interrupting your standing animations.

retroben 8th September 2014 11:28 PM

Just thought i'd post this even though the original model code is not made by me,but they neglected 8009CDD0 since that is also a Conker model.

These are all models of Conker in each quality, 04 model looks ridiculously cheap.

HD Conker On N64 (concept?)
8009CDD1 0000
8109CDD2 0000
8009CDD4 0000
Makes Conker always use his highest quality character model.
At least the normal Conker anyway.

Conker Is Final Boss Suit Model
8109CDD0 8282
8109CDD2 8282
8009CDD4 0082
Still acts like normal Conker with Tail Flight.

SCIENTISTS!!! Fix the storm problem so I no longer have to waste most of/an entire day (not attempting to find codes) because of them!

Matrix Conker
8109CDD0 9696
8109CDD2 9696
8009CDD4 0096
It even disables your tail flight!

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