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retroben 18th February 2016 12:40 AM

500th reply!!!

Donkey Kong 64 (U)

Smoother Frames
8060F397 0024
Still gets stuck on transitions. :(

Sixty Frames
8060F3A3 0004
Messed up transitions as always,seems to work better with the other code.

Other code...
8074447B 0002
8176AF00 0001
8176AF02 0001
8176AF04 0001
8176AF06 0001
8176AF08 0001
8176AF0A 0001
8176AF0C 0001
8176AF0E 0001

Better Sixty Frames!
8060F773 0000
Transitions work!!! Even better on with the other code enabled! Some moments can be at 30fps.

Later past 0x8060FD00 address.

retroben 19th February 2016 12:21 AM

Choppy Object Textures
8061052F 0024

Walk On Slippery Slopes!
80611CC4 0065
Excludes Lanky slopes.

Wonky Movements
80611EA3 000C

Spiraling Insanity
80611ED1 00A0

Wacky Sizes
816127CE xxxx
BF00=Negative Challenge

Large Size Variety
806127D8 0066

Later past 0x80611850 and 0x80612B20 addresses.

Fuggin' Chrome version is a shitty one,so I had to log in on my alternate CoolNovo version I nicknamed Coogle Chrome.

retroben 22nd February 2016 12:08 AM

Stretchy Graphic Insanity
80612DE8 00E4

Invisible Guns
80612E9F 0004
Looks funny,kinda as if the censors got their way.

80612EDF 0000
Everything is Kongs!!!
*uncontrollable crying laughter* W-watch the DK Rap!
Also other character usage makes everything that character after a room change.

Glitch Texture Kongs
81612F04 2400
Glitchy textures on some occasions.

Image Mod Madness,the code.
80612F1B 00F1

Glitchy Model Textures
81613058 2400
More noticable.

Inverted Models
80613077 0001

Another Glitchy Model Textures
806133EB 00F9

Another Glitch Model Texture
806133F7 0010

More Glitch Kong Textures
80613409 0006

Later past 0x80613520 address.

ExtremeDude2 22nd February 2016 12:37 AM


Originally Posted by retroben (Post 64939)
80612EDF 0000
Everything is Kongs!!!
*uncontrollable crying laughter* W-watch the DK Rap!
Also other character usage makes everything that character after a room change.

Just don't grab the vines, they kill you.

retroben 23rd February 2016 03:32 AM

Shared Textures
816136E4 2400
All other kongs take parts of the first kong's texture,leading to funny results.
Change rooms as another kong to use them as the base for sharing textures.

Character Model Misplacement
806138E7 0004
The first kong you are in a room gets its model replaced by other kongs after switching back and forth.

Stiff Animation Instant Actions
80613B01 000A

Displaced Animations
80613B43 00xx
54=Chunky Impersonations
5C=Assorted Krusha Minecart

More Displaced Animations
80613B4B 00xx

Mixed Animations
80613B4D 008A

More Anim Mixups
80613B53 00xx
FD=Kong Minus One
FF=Kong Plus One

Stiff Enemy Anims
80613C5D 000A
Buddy barrel kongs too.

Later past 0x80613C60 address.

retroben 23rd February 2016 11:18 PM

Fast Actions
80613CCF 0004

Spazzy Animations
806141BF 0002

More Spazzy
806141D3 0002

Numb Animations
80614243 0004

Animation Speed
81614292 xxxx
4020=Really Fast

Missing Model Details
80614C5B 004A
Arms guns and other things are missing.

Always Hold Guns
80614CC3 0000

Mostly Missing Graphics
80614CC4 0024
Look at the Kongs!

Misplaced Action Styling
80614E83 0054
Even idle animations are swapped!

Later past 0x80615000 address.

retroben 25th February 2016 03:13 AM

DK Bongos Stay
80615957 0004
You can copy them everywhere.

Terrible results today,I know. :(


Space Kongs (D-pad)
D0014DC4 0008
80616C73 0000
D0014DC4 0008
80616C77 0000
D0014DC4 0004
80616C73 0001
D0014DC4 0004
80616C77 0001
80616C7F 0051
Don't kill enemies while space mode is on,avoid getting hit,sadly gets you stuck.
Up activates space mode and down turns it off if you get stuck.
Kick,then jump to fly to space until attacking again or using Simian Slam.

Repeating End Actions
80616C7F 0051
Gets stuck when hit.

Reverse Hunky Mode
80616E63 0001
Shakes screen when walking unless you use Hunky Chunky.

Gnawty Kongs Sounds
806170C3 004A

Impersonator Voices
80617787 00xx
37=Odd (direction based)
47=Splat Lasers

Displaced Voices
806177A3 00xx
FD=Minus One (DK Rambi)
FF=Plus One (Chunky is Krusha)

Later past 0x80617A00 address.

retroben 28th February 2016 06:25 AM

I am not feeling too well,I have been stuck with facial numbness likely from an allergy to some detox stuff
I wanted to take to solve another problem ( typical) :rolleyes:,and the numbness is spreading through everywhere else over time.
I am going to seek medical help soon in hopes it is not something uncurable and/or untreatable. :(

So I may not be able to hunt for codes or at least not get through as much.
Sorry to make everyone that sees this worried.

If I have to live off of pure liquid food and herbal remedies,so be it. (NO,not that certain "herb")

Edit: Feeling great after going to sleep earlier,I can do my usual amount today.

retroben 28th February 2016 11:36 PM

Still feeling pretty decent,here is some codes,and I should edit in some more later like I usually do.

Arcade Headbutt
81617B58 2400
DK appearing in the arcade game sound plays!

Open Slide Sound
80617B77 002F
The sound when Cranky's lab grows into existance.

Sliding and Headbutt Pitch
81617B7A xxxx

No Orange Bomb Spawning
80618113 0070

Trap Bombs
8061818B 0000
Nothing appears,but they can explode if you hit the alledged spawn point.

Massive Orange Bombs
80618198 0066
Really fast moving too.

Ether Orange Bombs
80618210 00E6
They take you on the edge of the dimensional plane,cool huh.

Close Proximity Bombs
80618247 001E
They explode near you but not too close.

Orange Bomb Object Mods!!!

Orange Bomb 1st Person Mod
806183B7 00xx

Orange Bomb Mod
8061840B 00xx
Works better despite low throwing rate,some things are picky whether you can collect them or not.

11=Blast Cannon (broken)
12=Rambi Box! (hurt by club enemy and can't revert,castle cannon works)
15=Box Platform
16=Barrel Spawner
17=Barrel Cannon (plot softlock)
18=A Shadow?
19=Chunky Barrel
1A=Lit TNT Barrel (one use each)
1B=TNT Barrel Spawner! (spawns properly)
1C=Bonus Banana Barrel (DON'T USE!!!)
1F=Castle Plank Bridge
20=Swinging Light
21=Rope Swing
23=Watermelons! (awesome!)
24=Peanut Shot
26=Pineapple Shot
27=A Bridge!
28=Tiny Barrel (functional!)
2A=Grape Shot
2B=Feather Shot
2C=A Laser!
2D=Golden Bananas!!! (wild spawn radius,triggers health bar oddly)
2F=Watermelon Slice
30=Coconut Shot
31=Diddy Barrel!
32=Green Orange Bomb (enemy bomb)
33=Ammo Box
35=Banana Coins
36=DK Coin
37=Cannonball Shot
38=Lanky Barrel
39=DK Barrel
3A=Hanging Japes Light
3B=A Different Fireball
3D=Respawning Boulder?!?
3F=Aztec Jar (eyeball,respawns)
40=Aztec Jar (two squares)
41=Aztec Jar (triangle)
42=Aztec Jar (plus)
45=Vine Swing
48=Boss Key! (collectable,may break save)
49=Galleon Cannon
4A=Cannonball Shot
4B=Diddy Blueprint
4C=Chunky Blueprint
4D=Lanky Blueprint
4E=DK Blueprint
4F=Tiny Blueprint
51=Fire Puff
52=Sand Textured Object
53=Forest Web Platform
54=Steel Barrel (try building a staircase as high as you can get!)
55=Respawning Steel Barrel (small,can't throw but take damage to explode it)
56=Challenge Crown!
59=Kong Seeking Missile (uh oh)
5A=Ice Shard
5B=Diddy Banana Balloon (don't spawn more than 3 at a time)
5C=Falling Stalactite
5D=Rock Slab?
5E=Tiny's Car
60=Songless Chunky Barrel (boss battles)
61=TNT Barrel Spawner
62=Tag Barrel!!! (I call it buddy barrel,but this is awesome)
63=Another Fireball
64=One Bonus Pad (can be used to climb difficultly)
65=Two Bonus Pad
66=Three Bonus Pad
67=Four Bonus Pad
68=Five Bonus Pad
69=Six Bonus Pad
6C=How Many Fireballs
6E=Banana Bunch (respective kong)
6F=Chunky Banana Balloon
70=Tiny Banana Balloon
71=Lanky Banana Balloon
72=DK Banana Balloon
73=Finish Line
74=Chain Swing
75=Forest Beanstalk
76=Yellow ? Mark
77=Ice Banana (useless in story mode)
78=Yellow Banana (no effect)
79=Crystal Coconut (sadly not the multiplayer one)
7A=DK Coin (adds to banana coins)
81=Enguarde Box (can't revert,castle cannon works)
82=Apple House (despawns)
83=Apple Worm (you become the house?!?)
86=Cranky Barrel (DON'T USE)
88=Tag Barrel Again
89=Another Tag Barrel
8A=Level Banana Trigger
8B=Dirt Patch (collectable rainbow coin)
8C=Rainbow Coin
93=Lanky Banana Balloon? (no banana gain)
94=Boxing Ropes
A9=Kong Seeking Pufferfish?
AA=Boxing Glove
AB=Orange Shot (Krusha)

Later past 0x80618520 address.

retroben 1st March 2016 04:15 AM

Lingering Instrument Note Images
81618DCC 2400

Instruments Revealed
80618E73 0008
You can still see surroundings instead of the shadow realm.

Instrument Summons Holy Objects
81618F8E 00xx
Hooray for realtime changes!
Use the orange object mod values,some objects don't work,but barrels do.

Spotlight Image Lingers
80618F97 000B
Use with image mod code for best effect.

Spotlight Image Mod
80618FA3 00xx
02=Guitar Diddy
03=Low Resolution Diddy
22=Purple Kremling Dog
54=Fly Swatter
68=Boxing K. Rool!
69=Golden Banana (DK in a banana suit!)
AC=Steel Barrel (real stand collisions!)

Stiff Animation
8061965B 0004

Rolling Head Stiffness
8161966C 2400

Tiny's Hair Stiff
816196A8 2400

Twisted Seizure Mode
80619B9C 00E5
May actually cause seizures too,no joke.

Spazzy Nightmare
80619C00 00E5

80619C37 000F
The DK64 version of Geddan.

80619C4D 00E2

Shakey Animations
80619CBF 0004

Animation Influence
80619CC7 00xx
3F=Looking Around

Later past 0x80619D00 address.

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