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Niftybox 10th December 2019 12:30 PM

All-Star Baseball 2000-2001
The known random freezing has apparently been fixed since the latest version This problem had been occurring up to at least 1.8.xx I hadn't tested it again since I updated to and I have not run into a random freeze yet on this version. I've been playing these games on PJ 64 since 2010 and finally the mysterious freezing has vanished so far! It was such an annoyance, one would be lucky to even complete a single game without using save state dodging. As a side note I did not re-download the games or update them in any way, and since I tried every available gfx plugin and settings tweak it was something to do with the emulator I assume. I'm posting this because some people will appreciate good news and lastly I'm very curious about what was causing this issue.

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