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Nyan Kitty 10th October 2015 01:37 AM

Can't use texture packs
I'm a noob at this emulator-thing and at english, so I hope I can explain my problem properly ;)

I'm using Project64 and Glide64 (Video Plugin), and I want to use one of those texture packs I found for The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time
(afaik there are different settings you need for different games, right?)

I tried everything Google told me, but i couldn't make it work.
It says something like "loading texture pack" when i start the emulation, but nothing happens (it still looks the same)

- What settings do i need? I heared, that you have to choose "compatibility mode for windowsXP SP3" at the settings of the .exe file of the emulator, is that true?
- Where do i have to put the texture files exactly? In a "cache" folder, or do I have to name it "hires_textures", like this other website said? And WHERE do I have to put that folder exactly?
- Where do i have to put the "glide3x.dll" wrapper exactly? Into the Video Plugin folder or next to the .exe of the emulator?

And could my PAL version of the ROM be the problem? I really have no idea ^-^'

I hope someone here could help me, i'd be really, really happy...

Marcelo_20xx 10th October 2015 03:18 AM

Are you using the Glide64 plugin that comes bundled with the installer? Or Glide64Final 10th Anniversary Edition??? Also which texture pack you are trying to load? (e.g. Djipi Cellshading Pack)

If you are using the latter you need to put the Glide3x.dll file in the exe's folder and the .dat file (The hires dat file) on a folder named cache inside your plugin folder then on a fullmoon night and after some sacred chanting set the plugin options to load the hires pack by checking use Rice Format and save hires texture cache to hard drive (yes, both options needs to be checked for the texture pack dat to load) on the advanced texture option tab of your video plugin options NYA!!!!!

Nyan Kitty 11th October 2015 04:53 PM

I have 3 versions of glide:
"Glide64 'Final' Date: May 8 2012"
"Glide64 For PJ64:"
"GLideN64. Public Release 1.2"
That are the names i see in the settings menu, where i can choose the plugins i want to use...

Which one should i use? Should i get another one?

I tried different texture packs. I don't really know which one i want, i just want the game to look better, but i don't really want the "wind waker" cell shading look...

what texture pack would you recommend?

I tried different texture packs with different plugins now, nothing seems to wort. Maybe you could tell me which plugin version and texture pack to use, so i could focus on just one of each?

Marcelo_20xx 11th October 2015 05:49 PM

Give me a second NYA!
Ok I will recommend you the best pack since this game is the only one I play all the time and also I will upload for you my whole PJ64 folder with the best configurations setup and the mix of plugins for the ultimate experience of this game...

Best Texture Pack is the "Zelda Ocarina of time Community Retexture" found at Emutalk

The requirements for this to work is that your video card needs to be an Nvidia or something with good OpenGL capabilities and IF possible run it on a Windows XP enviroment as Windows 7 and above has this damned desktop compositing that screw with the video's plugin vsync and cause severe frame drops in an already LOW FPS game...

Also I will include a "portable" application that you will need to use for all this to work flawlessly called Nvidia Inspector because we will need it for one thing that will make increase the FPS drastically: Set under the Elevated Settings of the app main tab the Buffer-flipping-mode to OGL_FORCE_BLIT_ON...

Please respond if you have the above requirements before proceding NYA!!!

Nyan Kitty 11th October 2015 07:09 PM

I think i have everything needed...
So which version of the glide64 plugin should i use? Which settings should i choose? Please proceed to enlighten me with your wisdom ^.^

Marcelo_20xx 12th October 2015 03:56 AM

Here is my complete PJ64 Folder:

w w w

Use Nvidia Inspector to configure your video driver with this option, don't fear is safe and any game will benefit from it...

You need to use the Ocarina of Time 1.1 (U)! rom
Don't use any other versions because they have randoms crashes (e.g. version 1.2 will crash right away with an unknown opcode error when you go to the Kokiri Shop at the beginning of the game)
This folder its "portable" (doesn't need any setup or installation) you only need to configure the buttons layout to your liking and on the graphics plugin set the fullscreen resolution, as the plugin will autodetect the videomodes for your current hardware the first time you run it...
Don't ever touch anything else, it comes preconfigured for ONLY just this game
If you have a Hires Pack create a folder named hires_texture (IF its on uncompressed png formats and comes with a bunch of subfolders) or create a folder named cache (IF its a so-I-herd-u-liek-textures.DAT) inside the plugin folder and drop the file/files on it...
That's all, have fun...NYAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

Nyan Kitty 12th October 2015 05:05 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Attachment 1022

At least the emulator is loading the hires files now, but as soon as it gets to file 36**, that error pops up...

T_T i just don't get it... my boyfriend wants to reinstall windows and everything else (i don't know how to say that right in englisch), maybe it'll work then... I'm gonna try everything I can to make it work until then =\

Thank you so very much for your help!!
Without you i wouldn't even have got that far!! ;)

Do you have any other idea what could be the reason for the error message?

I'll let you know if I find a way to make it work!

Nyan Kitty 12th October 2015 05:08 PM



Nyan Kitty 12th October 2015 05:50 PM

Only problem is: Full Screen isn't centered when i choose 4:3.
But my boyfriend doesn't even care a little, he's just going crazy about the graphics now X'D
This is the second N64 game he is playing (after Banjo-Kazooie), and he just entered Dodongo's Cave... he is happy af ^.^

Marcelo_20xx 12th October 2015 07:08 PM

Bad Kitty, what I told you about changing the configuration apart from the controls and chosing the fullscreen resolution...

Seriously now, that plugin that came bundled with the zip I uploaded it for you was meant to be played on aspect ratio "stretch" not original 4:3 with black columns, because that's how I play it, I like the games to fill the entire screen...

But if you play it nice I can upload the same plugin but with the 4:3 aspect ratio centered, its your choice...

As for the error, yes it happened to me and its a bug with the video plugin and only happens whenever its creating a cache dat file from the bunch of pngs the first time, if you ever receive this error again, clear the cache folder and let the video plugin rebuild the dat file from the hires_texture folder files, if the error pops up, ignore it and try again, it may take a couple of times but it will work...

Also, did you noticed the smoothness on the animation with the config I uploaded, please compare it with any other emu combination out there, you wont beat that...

Hmmm...I forgot to ask you, I don't remember if I included the fix for the Pause Menu, please tell me if the Menu screen comes instantly or you have to wait like 5 seconds so I can post the gameshark code and the instructions for use it, chances are that I included it but I cant remember right now because it was 3:00 am here when I uploaded the zip...

Answer me if you want the 4:3 plugin NYA!!!

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