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09015973 17th January 2010 11:16 AM

N00b q:-)
hello all this has proberly been asked ooph 100+ times but um i just downloaded 1.6 to see how it runs befor ei pay for 1.7 and i was wandering how you enable the rumble pack, i am not using the actual controller and it has no rumble pack but conker bfd wants one, does this mean i have to go get a proper controller?:-P thanks for your time:-)

Mdkcheatz 17th January 2010 01:40 PM

Okay, firstly, you want to ensure you have a "rumble" enabled controller such as the Logitech Wingman rumble pad. If you do not have a "rumble" enabled controller the option WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE.

If you do, then simply go into Options > Configure Controller Plugin...

The option should be there.

If it isn't, that means you do not have a "rumble" enabled controller and God hates you because you touch yourself at night. Thanks for playin k Bye.

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