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hunter0333 6th February 2009 11:37 PM

Save states
Hello, ive been using Project 64 to play old zelda games, and I had to use save states to save my game. So, I was wondering, know how at the end of the credits it says the end? Well, I saved RIGHT THERE. And now I cant to anything at all o_o;. I dont want to lose my saved progress because when i start the rom without loading it, the rom is at a point where i was hardly through half of the game.

So, What im asking is, is there a way to make my save state my default save? I played Majora's mask and I want to keep my fierce diety mask ^_^;. OR, any way to restart a save state? Like hitting reset and it restarts that SAVE STATE not the entire rom itself?

HatCat 7th February 2009 01:01 AM

Well the soft reset idea has only recently been implemented finally in future Project64, the hell did you beat the second half of the game using only save states? Me personally I find that remarkable.

I'm sure you must have used Song of Time at some point? In which case if recently decent your file should have stored the save data. In fact this just in I remember there are two other ways the game can save without using "the Song of Time":
  • After starting a new file when you walk through the silver doors that seal behind you as you enter Clock Tower basement the game saves in case you never get the ocarina back, but then you don't end up at like back at the unclear forest transition or anything.
  • destroying the final boss
owl statues work too So basically your data should be saved if you just reset in either case?

hunter0333 7th February 2009 02:19 AM

il try that, but i DID use the song of time multiple times. Its just that when i did use it, the game didnt save correctly. It didnt change the rom at all. Il try this again to test it out.

Ok... I think i fixed it SOMEHOW. Heres what I did.

When I first had this error, I created a savestate in .v64 format. Then I went to open the game again from file, then chose majora's mask in .v64 format.
I dont know how this worked, but im guessing it overwrited the original rom and saved it.

So now I have all my stuff back and I can play as Fierce Diety any time I want to with the cheats ^_^.

HatCat 7th February 2009 04:09 AM

The Song of Time should save basic progress like your masks and other progress, various tokens, and remembering which cinematics or triggers you've seen before to skip them next time. (Tatl only nags you the first time you enter Woodfall to comment about the summoning pedestal, the motion blur part where Link gets sucked up into the moon in bird's eye view gets removed, etc.)

If this does not work correctly it could be a bad file Project64.rdb. The masks should be saved, but immediately after returning the evil to conealation under the mask of imprisonment the game should save right there in the same way.

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