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bwaregamer 4th October 2016 04:21 AM

Audio Plugin / 32k Audio Issues
I'm using Project 64's native audio plugin (Options > Configure Audio Plugin) to capture game audio while simultaneously screen capturing with to record video footage. Afterward, I try to sync the audio and video up in Final Cut X. The .wav file that Project 64 creates is out of sync with the video file no matter what I do. The weirdest part: the audio file sample rate is 32,006! I'm familiar with various sample rates and know that 32k is fairly common when a smaller file size is desired, but 32,006? What the hell is that? I simply cannot get this audio file to sync up with the video screen capture, even if I convert the audio file to 48k or change the relative frame rate of the video file. I've troubleshot this to my wits end. Anyone have any ideas/similar experiences? :confused:

HatCat 4th October 2016 01:50 PM

32006 may be less common than 32000, but it is more accurate to the hardware. It's not really any more arbitrary than having ten fingers instead of twelve.

It also isn't the reason why the recorded audio waveform isn't lining up with the video frames you recorded. A difference of .006 KHz is too insignificant to be responsible for that. If the video playback looks graphically like it's running at the normal rate then I would suggest toggling the "Sync game to audio" checkbox in Jabo's DirectSound configuration before recording the WAV.

It's worked for me and a few friends with Project64 1.6 in 2006 at least, but these days I wouldn't know what else could be responsible. Maybe you run a lot of things in the background, like Windows 10 (which ought to be upgraded to 7).

Frank74 4th October 2016 06:40 PM

Capture the audio from the 'what you here' through windows. It will then be 44100/48000/96000, or whatever your playback is set at.

If your using another program to join the audio with the video, this shouldn't be a problem.

HatCat 5th October 2016 01:27 PM

That might work or it might still be 32006 Hz. I'm not sure what "what you hear" feature is.

The 32006 Hz audio frequency in Jabo's DirectSound (and every audio plugin except for LaC's Nemu64 audio) comes from the AI registers. The game's audio was designed from a 32 KHz standpoint, but I think the hardware plays it back at 32006.

I know it's not rounded to a "better" 32000 Hz like our OCD would like, though.

I also know that frame buffer emulation often skips the top scanline of the CPU frame buffer, and only reads say 237 scanlines to DAC (1 through 236 instead of 0 through 239). The N64 GameShark cartridge dumps screenshots this way too so it's a real N64 quirk, not an emulation bug.

Sometimes I opened the .wav up in Wavosaur for Windows to change the frequency down to 32000 just to round it to the nearest 50 Hz (without deleting any samples), but I don't think this really matters. You'll be hard-pressed to hear a difference.

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