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HeinzFiction 5th April 2021 02:39 PM

More custom controls, inverting for example
Hey guys,

i used to play via Project64 several years ago and many things changed since then. As far as i remember, i had more options to configure my controls back then.

For example, with XInput i can map the C-Buttons on the right analog stick of my Gamepad. However, thats all i can do. i cant find any option to invert the camera controls or map single c-buttons on different directions of my right analog stick. So ingame, my camera controls are inverted by default which is very confusing. If i deactivate XInput, my Gamepad dont get recognized any longer. is there any way to configure the left and right analog stick more precise?

ExtremeDude2 11th April 2021 09:57 PM

I think the only way to get the options you want is to disable xinput.

ttconker 17th July 2021 04:06 PM

That would be awesome

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