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RPGMaster 14th August 2015 11:29 PM


Originally Posted by Marcelo_20xx (Post 63216)
Glide64Final, also if you want to reproduce this crash all the time with the above steps, you can try zdec (a utility for decompressing the OoT rom) and run the resulting 64MB decompressed rom.

I see. Does this problem happen when you use other graphics plugins?

Marcelo_20xx 15th August 2015 11:06 PM

Well, with Jabo's I got a system hang up...

Ethan Hyoko 22nd February 2017 02:54 AM

This is happening to me too.
I was playing The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask and when I try to open a door in the first dungeon this message appears, and I can not find the solution ;^;

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