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Firebourne88 20th May 2018 02:36 AM

Goldeneye 007 Controller Issues
I play Goldeneye on PJ64 I have a bunch of games on here and they all work great except for goldeneye. I was using an Xbox One USB Controller with no issues but i got some after market N64 USB controllers and now when i move the analog stick up or down it also acts like im using my up and down c buttons. Is there a fix for this? or is it just the cheap aftermarker controller? thanks

ExtremeDude2 20th May 2018 11:42 PM

Probably the controller, have you tried using it with anything else?

Helmsford 27th May 2018 10:59 AM

I think it's just the way the default buttons are set up. I also play with the XB One controller and GoldenEye is tough. I haven't been able to get a button configuration that feels good yet. Maybe it's because of all those years of playing on a N64 controller. I used to use the left and right c buttons to strafe around the map. That doesn't seem to transpose well to the XB controller no matter what buttons I configure. Try messing around with the configure controller option and assigning buttons to your liking.

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