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hirothevillain 14th August 2016 11:01 PM

Configure audio for Resident Evil 2 n64 rom
Surprisingly, this computer manages to render the game just fine; well best experience so far- However the audio is Choppy as all hell, and I cannot enable subtitles, so if anyone has played resident 2 on n64 and know what to fix the audio, or mod the rom somehow to include a subtitle in the game (preferably English), or any other recommended emulators to play resident evil 2 on, I'd be grateful thanks.

Frank74 15th August 2016 03:48 AM

Are you using 2.3?

Check Sync using audio in settings.

And make sure 'Sync game to Audio' is off in Jabo's settings.

Just changed to 8MB expansion, why is it set to 4MB by default? Are there problems with 8MB?

HatCat 15th August 2016 02:26 PM

I can't remember.

There was some argument where I wanted 4 MB to work but Jabo's Direct3D in software rendering mode kept crashing with it, so it needed 8 MB, then somebody (I think it was Lithium64) got annoyed at the widescreen resolutions not supported in Glide or whatever and changed it back to 4 for standard low-res 4:3.

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