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Jennifer1691 7th August 2011 02:30 PM

Whats New in Project 64 1.8 version
i have a idea should we have project 64 1.8 version BETA?

Features :
1. No Bad Sounds!

2. No Slow Motion!

3. Bad Graphics Fix

4. No Game Freezes! (game only freezes if some codes have them.)

5. No Project 64 Crash!

6. No Errors!

7. Add Cheats Works All the time!

the_randomizer 7th August 2011 03:43 PM

Wow. Project 1.7 official isn't even out and yet you have the balls to demand the PJ64 team to add in a version that won't be out for years? They aren't close to being done with 1.7.

-Slow Audio? Sounds fine on my machine.
-Slow framerate? Most games run just perfectly fine on my end.
-Bad graphics? Please stop trying to run PJ64 off an Intel GMA. They look normal on my nVidia GTS 250.
-Cheat codes that work all the time? Not gonna happen. Cheat codes temporarily alter a game's memory addresses (hex editing) and are bound to cause issues every now and then.
-Stop games from freezing? Make every ROM work? This is impossible. Emulators can and never will be fully perfected, there will always be glitches and other bugs in them that prevent 100% compatibility from being a reality. You can get close, but perfection is impossible.
-No errors? Like I said in the above question, glitches can't be completely neutralized. Emulators work by tricking one architecture (x86 CPUs in PCs) into thinking it's something else (NEC R4300i, the 64-bit CPU from the N64); you're essentially emulating hardware through software. N64's were optimized for running N64 games. PCs were never meant or fully optimized to run N64 games (or other emulators for that matter). Think of emulators like this, a CPU used in a PC speaks English while the N64's CPU speaks Japanese; obviously they don't understand each other, so the emulator acts as a interpreter and helps the PC understand the N64; this is what an emulator does. It translates programming languages back and forth for the PC to understand, so the emulator(s) can run on a PC.

Alunalun 7th August 2011 03:55 PM


Originally Posted by nintendo1889 (Post 35827)
-Stop games from freezing? Make every ROM work? This is impossible. Emulators can never be fully perfected, there will always be glitches and other bugs in them that prevent 100% compatibility from being a reality. You can get close, but perfection is impossible.

I don't work on creating emulators, but I think it should be perfectly possible to create a perfect emulator. The N64 is a finite machine, after all. In every way.

Maybe the quickest way to a perfect emulator would be to hack into Nintendo and steal the documentation and source code for the console and all the games we can. I don't know if it's easier to hack a huge technology company or reverse-engineer decade-old games consoles though... :p

the_randomizer 7th August 2011 04:00 PM

Well, you know what I mean. People flooding the forums demanding unreasonable features bothers me to no end. The PJ64 team is busy enough as it is. Perfect emulation is all well and good, but we don't want PJ64 ending up like Bsnes and having prohibitive system requirements.

Natch 7th August 2011 05:15 PM

XD 1.8 orly srsly

Yes, I agree, having a perfect emulator is a good idea, I don't know why we didn't think of that before :confused:

the_randomizer 7th August 2011 06:03 PM

HatCat 7th August 2011 08:00 PM

No such thing as perfect emulation.

the_randomizer 7th August 2011 09:56 PM

You can get really, really close (such as Bsnes), but there's no way it can be a 1:1 carbon copy of a real console. You're emulating hardware via software; there's bound to be issues. Even Nintendo's Virtual Console doesn't emulate perfectly, it doesn't even emulate the alpha blending dissolve effect in Super Mario 64. But anyway, the PJ64 Team can't be bothered with trivial request. Something more realistic, like separate plugin configurations for each game (which is being implemented) are more likely to be taken into consideration. Requests like "all N64 games working without any problems" just won't happen. If you can't get good a framerate, upgrade your CPU and GPU. *Sigh* But I digress, takes Blaarg's DSP/S-SMP (SPC700) sound emulator for example, this is likely to be closest thing you can get to something being emulated perfectly. As far as I can tell, it sounds like a real Snes. When it comes to emulator accuracy, sound output is probably the no. 1 thing I want to sound correct.

HatCat 7th August 2011 10:05 PM

Sometimes, optimized emulation results against reproducing the exact same results you'd get on the physical, actual hardware, due to the environment hardware you're actually using to emulate the target platform.

So, internally speaking, accuracy might be totally different than the visual or audible results of what you witness in the results. If hardware system A is different from hardware system B, reproduction of one on the other can never be the same as native execution, even through optimized emulation methods.

squall_leonhart 7th August 2011 10:09 PM

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