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drquesadilla 31st January 2016 02:37 AM

Pokemon Snap Red Dot fixed yet??
I was just wondering if there has been a decisive solution for the missing red dot issue in the Pokemon Snap ROM?? As early as 8 years ago there were people saying it was being worked on.

I've read several forum threads leading all the way up to last year regarding people having this problem, but nobody actually offered any definitive solutions and the threads just turned into discussions.

There have a been a few people on these threads who have claimed to have fixed it, but they don't explain how they did it.

I just want to know if anyone has found a working solution for this SPECIFIC problem yet; combing through Google all the answers I've found have been giving me the runaround.

Without the "red dot" I can't take pictures of the PKMN Signs to access the final stage, nor can I get pictures of Muk, Starmie, or Lapras.

theboy181 31st January 2016 04:13 AM

Can you point me to the threads where it says it has been fixed?

ipoo 21st October 2018 11:24 PM

red dot fix
I just used angrylion's RDP plus r7. It fixes the red dot issue so you can get the PKMN stickers and move on with your life.

Can't put links, cuz no posts. Message me for link.

Just put the .dll file in the GFX plugin folder.

eatacay 24th March 2020 06:59 PM

Pokemon Snap: red dot and Pokemon signs [solved]
Hello! I was able to get to the end of Pokemon Snap (ie: take a picture of the smoke Koffing pokemon sign).
For all the people who arrive here from random searches:

Options -> Settings -> Options -> uncheck "Hide advanced settings"

I ran most of the game on the default Jabo graphics:
Options -> Settings -> Plugins -> the "Video (graphics) plugin" menu

To get the red dot for many of the signs, and a few other Pokemon picture reactions (Dugtrio, Starmie,...) I enabled software rendering:
Options -> Configure Graphics Plugin -> Advanced -> check "Software Rendering"

For the most elusive pokemon sign (the Koffing smoke), I used a different graphics plug-in that used much more CPU:
- I downloaded Shunyuan's SoftGraphic HLE Plugin 1.5
(search for "shunyuan's soft graphic emutopia" on Google for a working link)
(click on "SoftGraphic HLE Plugin 1.5 [Windows] [32-Bit Intel]" under "downloads")
- I put the file "SoftGraphic_1.5.0.dll" with the other graphics plugins (for normal installations, C:\Program Files (x86)\Project64 2.3\Plugin\GFX)
- Back in Project664, I changed the graphics plugin in Options -> Settings to "Shunyuan's SoftGraphic 1.5.0" (maybe requires restart of Proj64 to see the plugin)
- Upon loading the game, the screen was black, but I heard sound.
In Options -> Configure Graphics Plugin, I set the filter to "none".

I took the picture and all was well with the world.

Good luck!

Here is some extra metadata to yoink the searches. Red dot not working how to fix Pokemon Snap Pokemon signs solved

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