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furret 1st January 2010 07:57 AM

Analog Sensitivity on Controllers
Many other people on this forum have the same problem, but never got their answers. It's about time this problem should be resolved.
I have the same problem as this guy:
I use a Logitech Dual Action controller and I have the Nrage plugin on v1.6.
I also play Majora's Mask and also have trouble aiming with the arrow and hookshot.

So here's the problem:
I want to play it as if it were a REAL n64 - so if I just give the analog stick a little nudge, Mario/Link will walk. And if I push the analog stick all the way, Mario/Link will run. Whether I push all the way or give a little push, Mario/Link will always move in the same speed according to the range.

Is there a way to play without having to pause the game, set the range to 30 to 35, resume the game, then shoot, pause again, set the range back to 77, and save state and resume again?
Here are some good examples:

So can anyone help me?
Or do I have to buy the n64 adapter online?
I won't be able to have full control of the mirror shield, so I can't pass the Stone Tower in MM. Any suggestions? Please, I need a sufficient answer, quick!

HatCat 2nd January 2010 12:49 AM

I've finished Zelda MM with just my keyboard. It's much easier than using the mouse, which is possible.

I'm not at all specialized in other controller devices; I'm just saying that putting up with the keyboard is not so hard of a challenge.

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