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aewdfase23453 29th January 2012 02:03 PM

Project64 with multiple PS2 controllers
Hi, I have 2 PS2 controllers plugged into a Super Joy Box 5 Pro plugged into my computer with updated drivers. I couldn't get the default controller config working so I downloaded Jago which works great for 1 controller, but whenever I plug in my second (then plug in USB, then turn on P64 - as is customary when you add new controllers), it doesn't recognize it.

I've surfed threads for a bit and yes, I've tried checking "Plugged" and even reconfiguring both controllers - still nothing.

It works for one controller fine, and my controllers are recognized by Win7 and a myriad of other emulators.

Any thoughts?

ExtremeDude2 29th January 2012 03:44 PM

Plugin ?

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