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HatCat 28th June 2009 09:16 PM

Disable Opening Book (Virtual Chess 64)
An opening book is a repertoire of human-predefined moves to make in the opening phase of a game of chess. Many chess engines have opening books.

Although the opening phase is documented only for so long in theory, the following cheat code certainly lets you see the engine's internal play from the very beginning.


801D6FB3 0000
For the most part, it is said that computers have terrible opening moves, and that they need to be "in book" to begin well. As a correspondence and centaur researcher, I disagree. In a few variations has a linear evaluation of a chess position by time eradicated certain opening ideas as errors in presumptuous human analysis, and computers have even as of late been contributing to the King's Gambit theory.
Without a doubt, just because they make moves not documented in human opening theory, doesn't mean automatically that they are the right ones, and this has been more visible in situations--but long before today. :)

By contrast, there is an alternate bug in the code that will let you destroy the opening book until you start a new game. If you get the engine analyzing, undo and replay your move five times, you can undo as far as the initial position and find the engine "out of book".
If you set the value of this cheat code to 0001, this is prevented.

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