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PistolSlap 14th November 2018 09:06 AM

Black bars around game? save glitch?
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Hello, I'm trying to play DK64 and I find that there are black bars around the whole screen, in both window and fullscreen, and also in both jabo and glide plugins. This also persists regardless of the resolution I choose. see screenshot. does anyone know how I can prevent this? I'm on a laptop and the screen is small enough without having half an inch on each side robbed by black bars.

also, I'm a bit worried to play this game because of the infamous save glitch that corrupts the game file about halfway through -- is that still a thing? It sure was in like 2010 last time I tried. I was so pissed because I had put dozens of hours in and it just corrupted and I lost it all. Apparently it was related to the coding glitch that required the expansion pack, that is exasperated in emulation and results in game corruption.


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