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Fernin 1st December 2008 03:44 AM

Doubutsu no Mori
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I couldn't find this game on the big list of known problems, so I figured I'd mention this stuff here... If these are already known, feel free to yell at me. :)

I've only found one major problem, and one minorly annoying graphics problem with the game.

The minor graphics problem can be seen in the first pic, the pause screen/inventory is rather screwy. There's also a rather long loading time for bringing the pause screen up, but it's about the same as with any other game. (Paper Mario, Harvest Moon, whatever else)

The major problem is that I can't enter my house. When I go in, the screen does the normal transition of closing down to a dot, then starts to open back up, but it freezes before it gets anywhere, as seen in the second pic. As anyone who has played Animal Crossing knows, playing the game without ever entering your house is like not playing it at all.

Mdkcheatz 1st December 2008 12:40 PM


Just kidding :D

oops Zilmar we have a major problem in here, whatever shall we do?

Smiff_ 1st December 2008 12:51 PM

could you provide a state save please? or do you start right next to your house or something?

Fernin 5th December 2008 12:48 AM

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Having never posted a save state before, I'm hoping this is the file you need...

You do eventually start near your house, but you have to go through tons of Japanese text to get there, as well as making a couple of choices based on what people are asking you.

Fernin 16th December 2008 02:36 AM

Well, since no one replied, I have no idea if that was the right file or not...

For some reason, the game has decided to cooperate. Maybe it's just certain times of day that it doesn't like, or certain months, but after time shifting from February 24th at around 9 PM to March 24th at around 7 PM, I was able to enter my house again.

I can tell this isn't high on your priority list, though, I'm guessing there aren't any Japanese speakers working on the emulator...

RadeonUser 16th December 2008 04:16 AM

I tried it out about a week ago but I honestly have no idea what I'm doing in that game.

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