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Raventric 25th January 2020 05:01 PM

Having a strange problem loading hires_textures
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I've done every step of installing Glide64/setting up cache and hires_texture folders without the spelling errors, placed glidedll where the pj64 exe is, set directory path to Nintendo64Emulator\Project642.3\Plugin\GFX\hires_t exture\paper mario\ setup the graphics plugin to what was asked in every guide, even installed nGlide/ran along side the emulator but when I load up the rom I get the attached loading message for 1 second after which the rom loads normally with default textures. The texture pack is a bunch of folders with images, no ".dat" files, so I placed the whole folder into: "hires_texture". All help would be appreciated! :)

Raventric 25th January 2020 05:27 PM

Fixed it, if anyone has the same problem and wants to know how: Put the whole hires_texture folder into "Plugins" and change directory to the new path (Plugins/hires_texture/yourtexturepack)

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