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Mr Slayer 6th October 2008 09:33 PM

Controler files
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i have put together some controler files for you to enjoy

normal.cpf is what i use with most games

f-zero.cpf is exactly the same but the L and Z buttons are swapped around so its easier to do the strafing thing (dont know what they call it) and its probably also good for Lylat Wars (Star Fox 64) and some other games.

PD.cpf is good for perfect dark and goldeneye and uses the mouse, I'll explain the controls;

(note: in Perfect dark set the ingame controls to 1.2 and turn invert y axis off, you will also need to set the ingame controls in goldeneye)

The brackets are the n64 controls

Mouse (analog stick) - look around

Left click (Z) - fire

Right click (A) - switch weapons

W/up (D-pad up/C up) - forwards

S/down (D-pad down/C down) - backwards

A/left (D-pad left/C left) - strafe left

D/right (D-pad right/C right) - strafe right

shift/ctrl (L/R) - aiming mode (works realy bad with the mouse)

R (B) - action (you might want to set the B button to E instead of R, i have it as R cos thats what im used to in star wars jka)

enter (start) - pause

Feel free to comment and/or make requests.
I hardly visit these forums so you may need to email requests
I also have a logitech Wingman Rumblepad for those of you with usb controler requests

Hyperchicken 8th October 2008 05:29 AM

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hey there!

I played with your perfect dark/goldeneye control set and most of it works fine expect for the aim (as you have mentioned), and possibly other small things.
Have a go with the config i've uploaded, very similar to yours, with a few buttons changed around and aim is controlled correctly :)
Ive also added a few perks to suit the controls of modern fps such as scrolling for changing weapons back and forth, etc.

Fire/Menu Select: Mouse Left
Reload/Menu Back/Action (open doors etc): Mouse Right and R
Aim: E
Walk Forward/menu up: W
Strafe left/menu left: A
Walk backwards/menu down: S
Strafe Right/menu right: D
Perfect Dark weapons menu: hold middle mouse button
Pause/Start: Enter

Have a go at my config and see what you think ;)

Works on N-Rage Controller plugin (latest)

FLuRReH 22nd October 2008 04:23 PM

how the hell do i use them, kinda nwe in this area...

Mr Slayer 29th October 2008 07:00 PM

Click the options tab, click "Configure controller plugin...", click the "Load profile" button (its near the short cuts tab).

btw Hyperchicken, your profiles good

anthony300k 26th December 2008 10:20 PM

how do i load da controls? it doesnt show up ...i put it in a folder with my roms

raevva 9th April 2010 06:11 PM

Hmmm. Im playing Goldeneye with Project 64 v1.6, N-rage... v 1.83.

I've been trying to get the controllers to work, but whatever i do the mouse and keyboard get switched.

I want the mouse to only look around and the keyboard keys to be the ones making Bond walk around.

Ive been trying everyones cpf files, but still the mouse is making bond walk around and look around, the keyboard keys only look around.


Im not familiar with any of these programs so please, step by step. Thank you. (PS! last time i got this right, which was clearly a lucky strike, was 3 years ago. Now, when downloading and using over 2 hours on the controls, i dont get anything right.)

Old thread, yeah. Get it.

Mr Slayer 12th April 2010 04:19 AM

After loading the controller settings, load up Goldeneye, and go into Goldeneyes controller options (not the emulators) and set it for the second option which if I remember is called 1.2 (At least thats what it called in Perfect Dark) You will also need to set it in multiplayer when you use multiplayer.

And I think you can't uninvert the controlls in Goldeneye so you might need to swap the up and down analog stick controls in the emulator.

zombiebeau 22nd September 2010 07:12 AM

OMG! Thankyou Hyperchicken! Excellent settings, feels exactly like Counterstrike now!

Thanks this has been driving me nuts for the last 2 hours.

Greatest FPS ever with greatest control setup ever :D

Oh just a note to other people, you have to uncheck Reverse Pitch on the in-game controls as well as changing it to 1.2.

Thanks again bro

HP19 13th January 2011 04:15 AM

How do i load ur star fox controls. it only lets me choose from my saved .jsf files i configured.

HatCat 13th January 2011 04:17 AM

I think the config is only for N-Rage's DirectInput, which means they won't load on Jabo's DirectInput.

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