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Too bad he had to post that only on EmuTalk and not this forum.
Invoking my save editor on any Zelda MM FlashRAM save with:

zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --file-erase
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --file-new true
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --file-rename "Link    "
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --owl-statues 0000000011000001
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --inv-subscreen 0000
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --inv-subscreen 0101
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --inv-subscreen 1D32
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --songs 0000000011100001
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --temple-Woodfall 00000111
zs ZELDAM~1.FLA 0 --boss-masks 0001
... would have given him a save file with everything he asked + more.
  • Resets File 1 to a new empty file named "Link"
  • Marks owl statue warp locations at Woodfall, Southern Swamp, and South Clock Town
  • In his subscreens, gives him the Ocarina of Time, Deku Mask and Hero's Bow
  • Already learned ocarina melodies "Song of Healing", "Song of Time", "Oath to Order", and "Sonata of Awakening"
  • Have Woodfall Temple dungeon items (the Map, Compass, Boss Key)
  • Already finished Woodfall Temple (have Odolwa's Remains boss mask)

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