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Originally Posted by FIX94 View Post
mediafire . com/folder/772kcezxutvn1/ssb_u9 (sorry for the spaces, cant post links cause I dont have over 5 posts yet)
I also noticed in the intro that the sound is for sure too slow, you know the hand shows 3 2 1 but the sound of it comes much later...
BTW, from where do you have 1.6.1? I have the patch but that just updated my plugins...
I find the reason why.

Because the official PJ64 1.6 didn't call the RomOpen function of HleAudio plugin, and the plugin needs to get N64 game name from rom header at that function for per game tweaking.

download PJ64 1.6 (HleAudio fixed version) from here:
CPU: Intel U7300 1.3 GHz
GPU: Mobile Intel 4 Series (on board)
AUDIO: Realtek HD Audio (on board)
OS: Windows 7 - 32 bit

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