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Default Shunyuan's Directinput plugin 1.0

Shunyuan's DirectInput plugin v1.2

* Zilmar's controller plugin spec #1.0.
* use DirectInput8 for input driver.
* support gamepad and keyboard as input devices.
* rumble pack support (but only works for PJ64 1.7 and latter)
* real N64 range support
* force feedback configuration


By Shunyuan (

* fix a rumble pack timing error
(run RR64 on PJ64 2.1 with rumble pack support to find out the difference)

* add force feedback configuration dialog

* the first release.

my other plugins:
HleAudio: Auido plugin with XAudio2 + DirectSound driver support
SoftGraphic: graphics plugin use mess rdp software rendering
GfxWrapper: to use Jabo's Direct3D8 v1.7.0.57-ver5 with Project64 1.6
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CPU: Intel U7300 1.3 GHz
GPU: Mobile Intel 4 Series (on board)
AUDIO: Realtek HD Audio (on board)
OS: Windows 7 - 32 bit

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