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Can you get the original values of one of those codes?

The only feasable way to do that is through Dolphin and cheat search/cheat engine.

I guess you could tamper with the value (maybe 3FE38E39 and 3FD08E39) and repeatedly search for said values by placing two copies of the code with different values and switching between enabling one and the other.
The value will be different even if the visuals don't update.

Wait,I think a certain version of Jabo's D3D has a forced 16:9 hack in the settings.
Try that and tell me if it works well enough for you.

Edit:Found a camera distance code on gamehacking org.

Code for REV0 by: J.Lint, Hack Master

Camera Far
8010A711 0099

Edit:I have an improvement to the Zelda Ocarina 60fps code. (not mine?)

I quickly ported the gravity modifier from 1.2 to 1.0 and found the sweet spot for all but jump slash.

ZOOT 60fps+JumpFix
801C6F2D 00D8
801C6FA1 0001
It lowers the gravity just enough so you can make ledge jumps.

Edit:Too bad the animation cycle makes Deku Sticks burn out too fast.
We just need a very skilled hacker to make a romhack that fixes all of the issues while using the 60fps code.
It could also have a model hack like that Sonic model,but instead,just Link with extra frames implemented for smoother animation.
Who knows?,maybe somebody can get the 3DS version's models,universalize them,and port them into the N64 version.

Edit:Now with crawl fix for when you would get stuck with the code enabled.
It is a dirty hack-around,but it works.

Zelda 60fps+JumpFix+CrawlFix
D11C8680 0000
801C6F2D 009C
D11C8680 0000
801C6FA1 0003
D31C8680 0000
801C6F2D 00D8
D31C8680 0000
801C6FA1 0001

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