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THIS! This is why I do random codes!

Works best on 1.7

81093486 xxxx
010C=Ssslumber The Snake
010F=Stronger Rock
0110=Cracked Code Chamber Door
0111=Chomper Wall Hole Baddy?
0113=Dart Shooter
0114=Stony (To play any of the games,just walk through an open door!)
0115=Chief Bloatazin
0116=Officer Unogopaz
0119=Dynamite Box Baddy
011A=Shovel Baddy
011C=GGM Water Switch
011E=Mayan Door?
0120=Moon Switch
0123=Mayan Dart
0124=Something Blue?
0129=Mayan Mumbo Door
012A=Mayan Wall Slab
012B=Cracked HailFire Wall
012D=Green Ghoul
012F=Huge Mayan Column
0130=Kazooie Switch
0131=Green Monster (display model?)
0133=Brown Pterodactyl A (Hags)
0134=Brown Pterodactyl B (Hags)
0136=Cheato Page (added to)
0138=WW Styracosaurus
0139=WW Blast Pad Of Might
013D=Beach Ball
013E=Boxing Glove (just wait)
013F=Mrs. Boggy
0143=Bullion Bill
0145=Unknown Object
0146=Weldar's Head
0147=King Jingaling's "Throne"
0149=Red TNT Barrel w/Fuse
0150=GGM Cowboy
0151=A Box?
0153=Devil Bottles Mode,Activate!
0156=Kazooie Swap Pad (useless in this case)
0157=Banjo Swap Pad (only work crashless in PJ64 v1.7)
0158=Cowboy Himself? (potential swap)
015A=Breaking Blue Egg
015B=Breaking Fire Egg
015C=Breaking Ice Egg
015D=Large Exploding Grenade Egg
015F=Breaking Gold Egg
0160=Mine Egg?
0163=Golden Goliath
0165=WW Money Box
0168=Sub Torpedo
0169=Submarine Blip
016F=Bee Stinger
0170=Skivvy Workmate
0171=Clockwork Mouse
0172=Mayan Kickball Door
0173=Stony (Not bad,but you need to come in first.)
0176=Invisible Floor?
0178=Toxic Gas Anywhere
017D=Barge Switch
017F=Jiggy Get Song (Clockwork Only?)
0190=Mumbo Waiting?
0196=Random Stop Honeycomb
0197=Skill Stop Honeycomb
0198=Sign (don't read it)
019D=Travel Silo (fast travel)
01BB=Water Mist Noise
01C3=Sad Scepter Alien
01C6=Sad Wrench Alien
01C7=Main Sad Alien
01C8=Blue Egg Nest
01C9=Fire Egg Nest
01CA=Ice Egg Nest
01CB=Grenade Egg Nest
01CC=Clockwork Egg Nest
01CD=Sad Gold Egg Nest
01CE=Red Feather Nest
01CF=Gold Feather Nest
01D0=Chris' Cage
01D9=Relic Thingy
01E1=Massive King JiggyWiggy
01E3=Zubba Minigame!!!
01E6=Massive Jiggy Apprentice
01E7=JiggyWiggy Temple Door
01E8=WTF? Screen Adjust?!?
01E9=Egg Nest
01EF=Pit Monster (bites your feet)
01F0=Fragile Box
01F4=Lonely White Jinjo (collects immediately,giving its jiggy)
0200=Missile Sabotage (Michael Bay entrance)
0202=A Rock (can be exploded,despawns)
0203=HAG1 (sadly despawns on Clockwork death and can trap you!)
0204=Falling Leaves (BETA!)
0206=Rain (always and anywhere)
0210=Shockspring Jump Pad!
0211=Honey Farm (immediate explosion)
0217=Tower Of Tragedy Screen Tile?
021B=Glowbo (actually adds to your item count of them)
0220=Extra Honeycomb(actually adds)
0229=Normal Honeycomb (shoot at feet and explode at a distance to collect it)
0234=Flight Pad!
0239=Skivvy Workmate's Clothes?!?
027E=Lava Column Switch
0280=Mumbo Wall Segment
0285=Train Switch
0287=Stone Door Switch (BETA!)
028D=Wumba Tent
028E=Stepping Stone
028F=Baby T-Rex Roar Door
0290=Mother Styracosaurus
0291=Sick Styracosaurus
0292=Blue Styracosaurus
0293=Unknown Object
0295=Translucent Fish
0298=Unobtainable Jiggy (nice to look at)
029F=Unobtainable Glowbo
02A0=Power Of Glowbo
02A1=Humba Wumba?
02A3=Saucer Box Of Peril
02A5 Chuffy The Train?
02A6=Chuffy's "Go!" Pad
02AE=Torch Baddy (BETA!)
02AF=Bubbles (only spawns in non-water areas like Jinjo Village)
02B2=Grenade egg?
02B8=Mine Egg Nest!
02B9=Danger Explosives Door
02BB=Jar of Honey!
02BE=Dynamite Baddy
02C1=Clinker Panel
02C2=Stone Door? (BETA!)
02C3=Red Candle
02C4=Multiplayer Mode?
02F8=Temple Flies
032B=Big Al and His Burger
032C=A Burger
032D=Salty Joe and Some Fries
032E=Some Fries
032F=Burger Roof
0330=Burger Switch
0331=Fry Roof
0332=Fry Switch
0334=Metal Saturn (no collision)
0335=Saturn Ring (no collision)
0336=Spin Star
0337=Generator Noise?
0338=Generator Panel (breakable)
033A=Inferno Fire Pixie
033B=Shock Pad Switch
033D=Wire Climb Shock Object
033E=WW Tour Platform (out of reach)
033F=Tour Switch
0340=Inferno Demon Jaw
0341=Banjo Object?!? (Clockwork only)
0342=Area 51 Gate
0348=Train Switch
034A=Gate For Pump Room
034B=Banjo Switch
034E=Groggy Bear
0352=Pawno and Cash Register
0353=Pawno's Display Case
0354=Cash Register
035A=Tiptup's Egg
035B=Register Baddy Coin Projectile
035E=Octopus (weirdly green)
035F=Anenemy (Sea Anemone)
0360=Jolly Roger
0361=Merry Maggie
0365=Terry Nest Patch
0366=Kazooie Torpedo Door
0369=Cracked Pipe Lid
0370=Platforms Rise Switch
0379=Chilly Willy Ice Ball
037D=Pink Spell?
0382=Chuffy Sign Post
038B=Another Rock
038D=Train Switch
038F=HailFire Bridge Switch
0392=Barred Gate
0393=Floor Grate
0394=HailFire Entrance Door
0395=Humming Noise
0396=TDL Entrance Teeth
0398=Terry's Spit
039C=Machine noise?
03A6=Cold Hungry Caveman
03A7=Yellow Rotating Elevator Light
03A9=Torch Fire
03B0=Title Card (garbled)
03B2=Big Industrial Fan (Weldar's Biggest Fan)
03B3=Long Water Pipe
03B4=GGM or GI Crusher
03B6=Banjo Switch
03B7=Some Door?
03B8=Elevator Shortcut Door
03B9=Elevator Door Switch
03BB=Banjo-Kazooie Switch
03BC=Iron Fragile Rare Box (BETA and different texture,needs Grenade or Clockwork Egg to destroy)
03BF=GI Guard Generator (not working)
03C0=Wumba Mermaid Statue
03C2=Taller Fragile Rare Box
03C4=Nuclear Waste Raise Switch
03C5=Waste Faucet Switch?
03C6=Big Top Ticket
03CA=Collectable Burger (adds one)
03CB=Collectable Fries (adds one)
03CC=Van Gate
03CF=Another Rock
03D1=Dingpot (jumping in breaks the game)
03D2=Gear Noises?
03D3=Electric Fence
03D5=Cloud Puff
03D6=Terry Baby Squeak
03D7=Terry Baby
03DC=Industry Screw (don't free it!)
03DE=Screw Panel (oddly no screws)
03E0=Service Elevator
03E3=Gobi (on the run,Beak Buster actually stops him!)
03E4=Soggy Bear
03EB=Another Noise?
03EC=Extractor Fan
03ED=Extractor Switch
03EE=Yet Another Noise?
03F1=GI Switch
03F3=Brick Window Door
03F4=Pushable Switch
03F6=Magnet Hatch
03F7=Mechanical Personnel Door
03F9=Kazooie Switch
03FA=Washing Machnie Shortcut Door
03FB=Magnet Room Door
03FC=Magnet Switch
0401=HailFire Wall Gargoyle
0402=Fireball from Gargoyle
0403=Another Machine Noise?
0407=Pot O' Gold Switch
0409=Pot O' Gold Door
040B=Kazooie Switch
040C=Garbage Door
040E=Rainbow (cue Rainbow Road theme)
040F=Zubba Statue
0411=Zubba Door
0412=Cloud Cuckooland Entrance Bubble! (broken)
0418=Clockwork Safe Switch
041A=Train Switch?
041D=Moggy Bear
0421=Klungo Barrier?!?
0424=Inside Volcano Noise
0425=Exploding Magma/Lava Ball
0427=Banjo Switch
042B=Another Cold and Hungry Caveman
042C=Cold and Hungry Caveman (with two sticks)
042E=Fly Pad Switch
042F=Flight Pad?
0430=Mrs. Boggy?
0433=Daddy T-Rex Switch
0434=Kazooie Switch
0435=Loggo The Toilet
0436=Bathroom Door
043B=Mrs. Bottles
0449=Targitzan Wall
044E=Something Shatters
0450=Some Kinda Door?
0459=Ice Panel (alien trapped)
045B=UFO Sound
045F=Awesome Laser Thingy
0460=Trap Bubble! (BETA!,mash A and B to escape it)
0461=Some Fence?
0466=UFO Beam
046C=Large Metal Gate
046D=Red Wall Panel?
0474=Train Switch
0475=Guffo the Beans
0476=Blue Bacteria (gives 3 points)
047C=Strange Noise
047E=Jelly Landing Pad
0480=Climbable Beanstalk
0481=Magic Bean (adds one)
0483=Launched Eyeball
0484=Hailfire Oil Rig
0485=Power Switch for Oil Rig
0486=Floatius Floatum
0488=Jolly's Wall
0489=WitchyWorld Entrance Door
048B=Grunty Industries Entrance Door
048D=Cauldron Keep Small Shock Field
0491=Gun Powder Barrel
0492=Banjo Switch
0493=Kazooie Switch
0494=Banjo Switch (again?)
0499=Spiral Torpedo Wall
049A=UFO Torpedo Door
049C=Train Switch
049D=Banjo Switch
049E=Kazooie Switch
049F=Cauldron Bridge
04A0=Banjo Switch
04A1=Kazooie Switch
04A2=Terrydactyland Gate
04A6=Feather Nest
04AF=Jiggy Podium
04B0=Honey B.
04B3=Jiggy Power
04B5=Banjo-Tooie Logo! (self promotion with Clockwork Eggs)
04B7=Odd Extra Honeycomb (no sound when collected)
04BC=Dead Bottles (creepy)
04BF=No Food Sign
04C0=GI Jiggy Case
04C1=Banjo Switch
04C2=Highly Positioned Gate
04C7=Gelatin Skin Platform
04D6=A Cloud? (similar to a swap cloud)
04D7=Hot Fish (for boggy,can be collected)
04D9=GI Emergency Exit Door
04DA=Another Switch
04E2=Odd Big Top Ticket (soundless collect)
04E3=Odd Cheato Page (soundless collect)
04E4=Odd Doubloon (soundless collect)
04E5=Doubloon (adds one)
04EC=Klungo (for cutscene?)
04EF=Jiggy Collect Animation and Sounds!!!
04F2=Green Spell
04F3=Random Explosion
04F5=Electricity Sparks
04F6=Pink Spell
04F7=Car Trouble
0502=Red HailFire Waterfall
050B=Jelly Platform of Jumping
050C=Big Jelly Object?
050D=Safe Eyes
050E=Giant Bottle
050F=Noisy Purple Light Rays (BETA?)
0512=Ice Door
0513=Ice Key
0515=Mysterious Blue Egg
0516=Mysterious Pink Egg
0517=Mysterious Yellow Egg (the one you hatch)
0519=Fire Egg Switch
0523=Another Visual Glowbo
0524=All Jiggies Message
052A=Heggy Cracked Shell Fragment
052E=Applause Sign
0530=Old Sled (B-K nostalgia)
0531=Bed of Mrs. Boggy
0532=Blow and Suck controls B. O. B.
053D=Banjo-Kazooie Switch

Shoot Clockwork Kazooie eggs to make various things spawn.
I found a beta element in 0204.

It spawns stuff indefinitely between entering areas and separating Kazooie.
Object stays if spawned from entering a new area.

Later Past 0x80093480 Address.

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