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Well, I was hoping for Slackware 14.2 or whatever to come out first, but here goes.

First public release that I have done for this save editor (forgetting the old crappy version).

I still say a 5-year-old can compile this stuff in less than 5 seconds just by not trying too hard, but let's try pre-compiled binaries this time. Obviously, download for the Windows build. 64-bit binaries only for SI hardware accuracy reasons; you can get the 32-bit binaries by compiling them.

A successful command to use this save editor on Windows looks something like:
zs "C:\Users\myusername\Project64 ?.?\Save\ZELDA MAJORA'S MASK.fla" -F 0
On something Unix-based, it will look rather like:
./zs "/home/myusername/mupen64/save/zeldamajorasmask.fla" -F 0
The -F 0 disables Tatl. No more fairy nagging or popping up around Link.

Yes there are other save-edit options besides toggling Tatl on/off; read the manual.

Yes you can target File 2 or 3 instead of File 1 (default); read the manual.

Yes you can script batch files in Notepad instead of having to open a Windows command prompt and re-type whole commands every time; read the example (not only that, but the manual, too).

Finally before asking read the manual. It's not my fault this game's save system is too massive to have a valuable pretty GUI for.
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