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Well maybe higher specs are cheaper now and thanks to how good PJ64 is with recompiler,your speeds may not be so bad if you get any kind of desktop with decent specs.
Even a gaming laptop can barely run all that well but mine is ULV (ultra-low voltage/its a laptop so you'd expect bad performance) and lacks higher native resolution anyway and due to the just-above 1080P resolution I have it at for my large monitor,it struggles to run at good performance at even 1x Native (320x240) with some games on GLideN64 but does pretty well.

Sixty frames was even showcased on how it acted on an actual console much to the dismay of slow speeds but cool to look at.
You can view some footage of MK64 running at true 60fps on theboy181's YouTube.

This video of his mainly showcases the code I put together through time and effort that gives you an MK8 styled landing boost when holding R that he is showcasing in 60fps and some of his hand made HD menu textures can also be seen. (video is from a past stream of his so bit-rate is not entirely that good)

Here is the 60fps code and the music in 3-4 player multiplayer code.

Mario Kart 64 (U)

Sixty Frames Hack
81001890 2419
81001892 0001
81001894 2419
81001896 0001
80000FE3 0000
800014CF 0001
81001C90 240A
81001C92 0001
81001C94 240A
81001C96 0001
81001A38 2409
81001A3A 0001
81001A3C 2409
81001A3E 0001
80122CBB 001C
810AC5D4 2401
810AC5D6 0006
Some parts of this code are Sean Sullivan's for the original pacing mods found on TASvideos info pages and other parts with fixes and additional 60fps access like the jumbo-tron screens are found by someone else.

Enable Music in 3-4 Player Multiplayer
8128EC9C 240E
8128EC9E 0001
8128F9C4 2409
8128F9C6 0001
Honestly can't remember if I dug around to find these or if someone else got them,you'd expect this was already found but I think this was my ASM solution to someone else's real-time value trickery that forced a hybrid mode that made the music work.

If you have problems with these codes then disable Advanced Block Linking and try again then if it still gives you trouble disable both caches which will impact performance a bit for better ASM code response rates.
The ones with 8128 are time sensitive to when a race is loading so those are likely to fail if too many performance improvements like the COUGHspeedhacksCOUGH are all on due to their caching causing ASM codes to be stifled.

I am irritated that the patch has never been ported from Mupen64Plus that checks if caching section in 4kb chunks are dirty then refreshes them when they are which allows ASM codes to work way more efficiently.
Both codes modify the games ASM (assembly code) to get the results we want.
If I had more freedom with access to openly spending some money online (long story/nothing bad),I would set up a bounty on Github for someone to port that useful patch to PJ64 so it can work better with ASM-based code hacks when all speedup options are enabled so nobody loses performance when wanting to use these kind of codes.
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