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note; Hopefully you know the words,make a custom DK Rap!

More values for sound swaps are on page 93.

So they're finally here
817A9C18 80yy
817A9C1A xxxx
7A_9C20=So they're finally here
7A_9CD8=performing for you
7A_9D90=if you know the words,you can join in too
7A_9E48=put your hands together
7A_9F00=if you want to clap
7A_9FB8=as we take you through
7A_A070=this monkey rap
7A_A1E0=He's the leader of the bunch
7A_A298=you know him well
7A_A350=he's finally back
7A_A408=to kick some tail
7A_A578=can fire in spurts
7A_A630=if he shoots ya
7A_A6E8=its gonna hurt
7A_A7A0=he's bigger
7A_A910=and stronger too
7A_A9C8=he's the first member
7A_AA80=of the D.K. Crew (DK)
7A_AB38=This kong's got style
7A_ABF0=so listen up dudes,she can shrink in size
7A_ACA8=to suit her mood
7A_AD60=she's quick and nimble
7A_AE18=when she needs to be
7A_AED0=she can float through the air
7A_AF88=and climb up trees
7A_B040=if you choose her
7A_B0F8=you'll not choose wrong
7A_B1B0=with a skip and a hop
7A_B268=she's one cool kong
7A_B320=He has no style
7A_B3D8=he has no grace
7A_B490=this kong has a funny face
7A_B548=he can handstand
7A_B600=when he needs to
7A_B6B8=and stretch his arms out
7A_B770=just for you
7A_B828=inflate himself
7A_B8E0=just like a balloon
7A_B998=this crazy kong
7A_BA50=just digs this tune
7A_BB08=He's back again
7A_BBC0=and about time too
7A_BC78=and this time
7A_BD30=he's in the mood
7A_BDE8=he can fly real high
7A_BEA0=with his jetpack on
7A_BF58=with his pistols out
7A_C010=he's one tough kong
7A_C0C8=he'll make you smile
7A_C180=when he plays his tune
7A_C238=but Kremlings beware
7A_C2F0=cause he's after you
7A_C460=he's here for you
7A_C518=it's the last member
7A_C5D0=of the D.K. Crew (Chunky)
7A_C688=this kong's so strong
7A_C740=it isn't funny
7A_C7F8=can make a Kremling
7A_C8B0=cry out for mummy
7A_C968=can pick up a boulder
7A_CA20=with relative ease
7A_CAD8=makes crushing rocks
7A_CB90=seem such a breeze
7A_CC48=he may move slow
7A_CD00=he can't jump high
7A_CDB8=but this kong's
7A_CE70=one hell of a guy
7A_D208=Donkey Kong is here!
7A_D378=Come on Cranky
7A_D430=take it to the fridge
7A_D658=Pineapple smells
7A_D710=Grapes,Melons,Oranges,and Coconut shells
7A_D7C8=Ahhh yeah!

817A9CD0 80yy
817A9CD2 xxxx
Values are above.

If you know
817A9D88 80yy
817A9D8A xxxx

You can join
817A9E40 80yy
817A9E42 xxxx

Put your hands
817A9EF8 80yy
817A9EFA xxxx

If you want
817A9FB0 80yy
817A9FB2 xxxx

As we take
817A9FB0 80yy
817A9FB2 xxxx

This monkey rap
817AA068 80yy
817AA06A xxxx

817AA120 80yy
817AA122 xxxx

He's the leader
817AA1D8 80yy
817AA1DA xxxx

You know him
817AA290 80yy
817AA292 xxxx

He's finally back
817AA348 80yy
817AA34A xxxx

To kick some
817AA400 80yy
817AA402 xxxx

817AA4B8 80yy
817AA4BA xxxx

Can fire in spurts
817AA570 80yy
817AA572 xxxx

If he shoots
817AA628 80yy
817AA62A xxxx

Its gonna hurt
817AA6E0 80yy
817AA6E2 xxxx

He's bigger
817AA798 80yy
817AA79A xxxx

817AA850 80yy
817AA852 xxxx

And stronger too
817AA908 80yy
817AA90A xxxx

He's the first member
817AA9C0 80yy
817AA9C2 xxxx

Of The D.K. Crew
817AAA78 80yy
817AAA7A xxxx

This kong's got style
817AAB30 80yy
817AAB32 xxxx

So listen she can shrink
817AABE8 80yy
817AABEA xxxx

To suit her
817AACA0 80yy
817AACA2 xxxx

She's quick and nimble
817AAD58 80yy
817AAD5A xxxx

When she needs
817AAE10 80yy
817AAE12 xxxx

She can float
817AAEC8 80yy
817AAECA xxxx

And climb up trees
817AAF80 80yy
817AAF82 xxxx

If you choose her
817AB038 80yy
817AB03A xxxx

You'll not choose wrong
817AB0F0 80yy
817AB0F2 xxxx

With a skip
817AB1A8 80yy
817AB1AA xxxx

She's one cool kong
817AB260 80yy
817AB262 xxxx

He has no style
817AB318 80yy
817AB31A xxxx

He has no grace
817AB3D0 80yy
817AB3D2 xxxx

This kong has a funny face
817AB488 80yy
817AB48A xxxx

He can handstand
817AB540 80yy
817AB542 xxxx

When he needs to
817AB5F8 80yy
817AB5FA xxxx

And stretch his arms out
817AB6B0 80yy
817AB6B2 xxxx

Just for you
817AB768 80yy
817AB76A xxxx

Inflate himself
817AB820 80yy
817AB822 xxxx

Just like a balloon
817AB8D8 80yy
817AB8DA xxxx

This crazy kong
817AB990 80yy
817AB992 xxxx

Just digs this tune
817ABA48 80yy
817ABA4A xxxx

He's back again
817ABB00 80yy
817ABB02 xxxx

And about time too
817ABBB8 80yy
817ABBBA xxxx

And this time
817ABC70 80yy
817ABC72 xxxx

He's in the mood
817ABD28 80yy
817ABD2A xxxx

He can fly real high
817ABDE0 80yy
817ABDE2 xxxx

With his jetpack on
817ABE98 80yy
817ABE9A xxxx

With his pistols out
817ABF50 80yy
817ABF52 xxxx

He's one tough kong
817AC008 80yy
817AC00A xxxx

He'll make you smile
817AC0C0 80yy
817AC0C2 xxxx

When he plays
817AC178 80yy
817AC17A xxxx

But Kremlins beware
817AC230 80yy
817AC232 xxxx

Cause he's after you
817AC2E8 80yy
817AC2EA xxxx

817AC3A0 80yy
817AC3A2 xxxx

He's here for you
817AC458 80yy
817AC45A xxxx

It's the last member
817AC510 80yy
817AC512 xxxx

Of the D.K. Crew (Chunky)
817AC5C8 80yy
817AC5CA xxxx

This kong's so strong
817AC680 80yy
817AC682 xxxx

It isn't funny
817AC738 80yy
817AC73A xxxx

Can make a Kremling
817AC7F0 80yy
817AC7F2 xxxx

Cry out for mummy
817AC8A8 80yy
817AC8AA xxxx

Can pick up a boulder
817AC960 80yy
817AC962 xxxx

With relative ease
817ACA18 80yy
817ACA1A xxxx

Makes crusing rocks
817ACAD0 80yy
817ACAD2 xxxx

Seem such a breeze
817ACB88 80yy
817ACB8A xxxx

He may move slow
817ACC40 80yy
817ACC42 xxxx

He can't jump high
817ACCF8 80yy
817ACCFA xxxx

But this kong's
817ACDB0 80yy
817ACDB2 xxxx

One hell of a guy
817ACE68 80yy
817ACE6A xxxx

Letter D
817ACF20 80yy
817ACF22 xxxx

Letter K
817ACFD8 80yy
817ACFDA xxxx

817AD090 80yy
817AD092 xxxx

817AD148 80yy
817AD14A xxxx

Donkey Kong is here!
817AD200 80yy
817AD202 xxxx

817AD2B8 80yy
817AD2BA xxxx
Tired HUH! voice.

Come on Cranky
817AD370 80yy
817AD372 xxxx

Take it to the fridge
817AD428 80yy
817AD42A xxxx

817AD4E0 80yy
817AD4E2 xxxx

817AD598 80yy
817AD59A xxxx

Pineapple smells
817AD650 80yy
817AD652 xxxx

Grapes Melons Oranges and Coconut shells
817AD708 80yy
817AD70A xxxx

Ahhh yeah!
817AD7C0 80yy
817AD7C2 xxxx

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