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Question Save Deletion


Im new, but long time user of PJ64

So I have this problem with saves.
Like I played Banjo-Kazooie halfway through, Banjo_tooie halfway through, beat super mario, started paper mario, and road rash.

So these games are saved.
the next time I go to play them thaey say saved games empty???
Confuses me?
After like, a week or so, I start playing banjo tooie again and I notice my exact save game is back?
go to other games and saves are back as well?

Continue playing........

After awhile they disappaer? I go in save directory and all saves are there?
But they not showing up?

Does anyone else have this problem? or no any fixes?
I have Project 64 ver. 1.6
and a very moderen pc that runs most the games at 50-60 FPS

dont know why its doing this?

btw i use keyboard to play (A=A B=D Z=S L=F ect...)
so you can imagine how mad + fusterated i am
yes i could play em on N64 but my controller a little messed up and how will i do the wonderful moon jump ? heh heh

btw sorry for my bad english

many thanks in advance