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Question Help on a couple of issues.


The first time I used P64 was quite a while ago. I originally downloaded 1.6 with my biggest priority being to play Goldeneye. Unfortunately I was never able to get a very good experience but did enjoy playing a couple of other games instead.

About a year or so later I decided I would like to play Goldeneye again (it seems to be an annually occurring desire) and this time downloaded 1.7. I searched Google and tried to find the most relevant info on what plugins to use. Using the default plugins meant the game had a number of visual bugs, but when I found plugins which seemed to address them the emulator would crash regularly. Again I became frustrated and gave up.

In the process of either a) replacing 1.6 with 1.7 or vice versa (tried 1.6 again after 1.7) b) installing one or the other or c) uninstalling one or the other, I saw something which led me to believe registry entries were being created (maybe when installing?). It was after this I realised I had not followed the proper procedure for uninstalling one of them. I am now unsure as to whether I have registry entries which may conflict with each other between 1.6 and 1.7. I am also unsure whether just reinstalling and properly uninstalling each consecutively will fix this or if there will still be entries left from the previous time when I failed to uninstall properly. I have even considered doing a fresh install of Windows to ensure I don't have rogue registry entries as I do not wish to use a registry cleaner and do not know enough about the registry to fiddle around with it.

So to sort of sum up, where can I find info on the best version of P64 and plugins to use for Goldeneye? How can I ensure my system is clear of the previous installs and registry entries from previous installs? And is there a resource to tell me which are the best versions of P64, ROM versions and plugins to use for other games, or must this be done on a game by game basis?

Your help would be very much appreciated

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