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Default Beta Downloads Down?

I just logged back in today for the first time in quite a while, and noticed there's a new beta up. I tried to download, but the page just keeps trying to load forever, and doesn't even time out after a few minutes. Also, I tried logging out and back in, and got a "not authorized to view this resource" error, but reloading the page fixed that and took me to the main members page. I've tried on two different internet connections with no luck.

Anyone know what's going on, and when they might be back up again? I'm looking forward to doing some testing and can't...

EDIT: Seems like everything but the forums and the beta downloads list are down about 95% of the time. Strange.
EDIT2: I managed to get through after clicking the download link a couple hundred times repeatedly. There's definitely some problems with something on the site though.

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