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Originally Posted by justin8571 View Post
The first one is the speed. I'd say it's about 20% slower than the US console although strangely it appears slower in some places more than others. I definitely notice a bit of slow-down up to the first corner from the starting line if maybe three or more of us get a fast start but not so much if only one of us gets a fast start.

It's definitely not a limitation of the PC's hardware as it's a decent spec.
What settings are you using? Are the VI/s always >= 60? What does the audio sound like during the slowdown?
Originally Posted by justin8571 View Post
The next issue is the allocation of pickups, it gives out lightnings like confetti which spoils the gameplay. I can only assume maybe that someone's altered the code in the rom, if that's possible???? Now when we tried the emulated MK64 back in 2013, although there was the frame skipping issue, the pickups were allocated as expected. If you've played Koopa Troopa Beach a lot you'll know that if you've activated a star and then while still invincible go up the second to last ramp before the finish line and collect a pickup, about 70% of the time you'll get three mushrooms. This definitely happened back in 2013 with the US rom but last night this wasn't the case. Something just isn't right with regards to pickups.
Try disabling an option called "Fixed Audio Timing" and let us know if that fixes your issue.
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