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Sorry for the late reply. I've had a bit of time to myself today so I fired it up for a bit of testing.

It's difficult trying to replicate four players when I'm on my own so I'll be able to get a better idea on Wednesday evening. With Fixed Audio Timing off I ran three players individually just short of the finish line on the third lap and then observed the pickups for the fourth player starting all the way from the beginning. It definitely wasn't throwing up as many lightnings and the pickup distribution seemed more normal, but again I'll know for sure Wednesday evening. I've still no idea how you figured an audio setting might affect pickups but it would appear to have done exactly that.

As for the speed, my guess of 20% slower was way off, but you can feel it's slower. For this I compared laps using the US console vs the US emulated copy. I did a fast lap on each without using any pickups, used the same amount of power-slides and jumped up the ramp through the mountain. I videoed the laps and then timed them with a stopwatch so as not to go by the game's timer.

Using the stopwatch I found that I could do a lap about two seconds faster on the console than the emulated version. I worked this out as the console game running seven percent faster than the emulated version.

Also, there's a momentary slowdown when a lightning is used. When you use a lightning the other three players spin for a couple of seconds and it's during that time slowdown is evident.

There are so many settings for the emulator and game, and other than the Fixed Audio Timing everything else is at default. Do you know please if I can optimise the game by altering any of the settings? The settings can be tailored to this one track as we only use the emulator for that alone. You mentioned the VI/s setting, is that something I can fiddle with to slightly increase the games speed?

Thanks again for your help and sorry to heap yet more questions on you. This game looks amazing on the emulator and is so close to being perfect, I'm just hoping a few tweaks will do the trick.

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