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xRapidDavex, you are right.

There may be some sort of machine-dependent reoptimization going on here, but for certain, playing the Sun's Song is the in-game procedure that fixes this.

In the case of the save state you have sent, the crash happened at night. The GameFAQ notes user reports of this being during the day instead; either way whatever was going on, the Sun's Song clears it.

I have an automatic fix for you, too. This looks like another case of self-modifying code at work, and I found that "Change Memory & Cache" (and not "Check Memory Advance") defaults to fix this issue.

So does this help you.
  1. From program settings "Options/Settings...", in the main options disable "Hide Advanced Settings" if it is not already disabled; save changes.
  2. If you have Project64 set to organize installed games in a browser, right-click the label where you see it for Zelda Ocarina of Time, and choose "Edit Game Settings".
  3. Changing the "self-modifying code method" setting to either "Change Memory & Cache" or "Protect Memory" should help stop the hanging here, the later option being more stable but slow and not always needed.
As for what I thought before, well I wasn't sure what to think; like I said something reoptimized itself or something when I regenerated the save state on my end. (Maybe the original tester had a different interference causing the internal hang.)

It happened for me a bit with your save state as well at first, except immediately with yours on the first try I witnessed the report come true for the first time. After I completely changed the game's configuration preset to as stable as possible, I found that there was some change in settings that could fix this, but the next time I loaded your save state after turning everything back to what I had before, I couldn't get the hang to happen again. I re-installed your original state that I had derived from and reproduced it again, so that was the end of that.