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Currently trying to troubleshoot this issue using both LoZ series. To further clarify what I mean by "flickering menu bar" -- I meant that, whenever I full-screen the window, the menu bar would appear over the full-screen as if it was high-lighted, followed by the menu bar greying out, than quickly disappearing. It does it in quick spurts for about 1 sequence or more, depending what is showing/ what action the emulator is doing at the moment.

This flickering sequence happens nearly every time. In OoT, it flickers every time I enter the load screen, shoot the bow/slingshot, flickers every time I take a hit, every time I block a hit, every time an explosion occurs, every time I enter the start/equipment/save screen, every time I enter/exit an area, just about every action I take in Oot it flickers.
In MM, it flickers constantly in the start up all the way leading up and through the introduction, constantly flickers when I'm in the start/equipment screen, whenever flickers when I enter a enter/exit an area, flickers when an explosion occurs, flickers whenever I aim the bow and whenever I fire an arrow, the list goes on...

I'm using the default settings that came with a clean install of Project 64 1.6, only thing altered was controller settings switched from Jabo to N-Rage. Graphics setting, everything is default, except the window resolution and full screen resolution which is 320x240 and 640x480 32-bit 60Hz respectively.

If anyone can help to resolve this issue, thank you.

Issue Resolved.

1. Right-click on the desktop, click on "Properties". "Display Properties" should appear.
2. Click on the "Appearance" Tab. Under "Windows and buttons:", click on "Windows XP style".
3. Click on "Apply", click on "OK".

Contrary to what I had thought, UI windows appearance affects the emulator.

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