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I was talking about a driver update for your OpenGL issues with my OpenGL plugin, not the OpenGL wrapper for Glide64.
(And I wrote the </squall> HTML element because I totally assumed [correctly] who your GPU manufacturer was without asking.)

You have the same issue as RPGMaster. Intel manufacturers supplied your GPU with an accelerated ICD over Microsoft's software OPENGL32.DLL driver, that breaks rendering and makes the entire viewport black the entire time without drawing anything, like you said, if you switched to the current context from a prior rendering context, or initialized OpenGL in a different thread than the one that calls the plugin spec functions to draw OpenGL to the screen.

The problem went away by disabling Intel's ICD and doing OpenGL in pure software using the native win GDI driver. It's Intel's fault.

Hey, what graphics card do you have exactly? Do you know? Maybe you have the same GPU as RPGMaster here.
Edit: Sorry I know you attached a screenshot to your post of the driver upgrade, but it's microscopic and hard to read. >.<

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