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It depends what RSP plugin you're using. There is a statically linked version in the old "SoftGraphic" module you were testing, which prevented the use of zilmar's slow RSP interpreter and was slower than MinGW builds.

That, and Intel's ICDs for OpenGL on Windows have always been pretty shitty, compared to their care for DirectX. Most people attribute this to the alleged burden of supporting API entry points for old, now deprecated OpenGL functions.

As far as speed goes, turn on "Bypass DAC Filters" in the plugin's settings. It's what the SoftGraphic plugin you were testing earlier does implicitly to make it as fast as it was.

Originally Posted by pal1000 View Post
I have a desktop with Intel Core I3-3220 with Intel HD Graphics 2500 and a laptop with Intel Core I3-2375M with Intel HD Graphics 3000. Both seam affected the same way, essentially allowing me to load it once per Project64 session. If I use End Emulation and then restart it, it goes black screen every time I retry until Project64 is restarted. The screenshot is from the desktop.
This is also emulator-specific. It happens on Project64 1.6, but RPGMaster and his Intel card confirmed that there is no black or frozen screen issue with other emulators, except while resetting in something like Mupen.

I tried searching for Intel ICD disable but I didn't find any tip on how to do it.
Welp, I'm on an NVIDIA GPU. I can't say where to find Intel's drivers on your hard disk, because I don't know.

And even if you did find them, temporarily disabling/removing them would definitely decline the OpenGL pixel plotting speed of the plugin, as I know firsthand how slow Microsoft's CPU-centric, software implementation of core OpenGL 1.1 is.
However, it most certainly would fix your random black screen issue.

I did find this page on Intel support about enabling/disabling different driver features, maybe you and RPGMaster might have some luck playing with these:

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