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Originally Posted by pal1000 View Post
Both seam affected the same way, essentially allowing me to load it once per Project64 session. If I use End Emulation and then restart it, it goes black screen every time I retry until Project64 is restarted. The screenshot is from the desktop.

Also, I am sorry to say this but this pixel accurate plugin turned out to be horribly slow on the laptop (only 20-30 fps ingame; only the main menu is faster). The only thing slower than this is that I ever tested is Glide64 Wonder Plus/++ with hacktarux wrapper.
I guess I didn't notice that you editted your post. That problem you describe sounds exactly like the issue I have. It has to do with threading I believe. For instance, with Z64gl, when threaded is set to 1, the issue is gone, on every emulator I've tried z64gl with. Maybe I should modify Apollo to be able to use rsp plugins .

Anyway, there's a fix to that problem, but you'll have to modify source and compile it yourself, but that's assuming you're using pj64 2.1. If you're still interested in the plugin, let me know. Simply changing where the initialization happens makes a difference. I personally would rather be able to restart/switch games as much as I want on PJ64 2.1, 1964, and Apollo, than to barely support Pj64 1.6 and below (never tried 1.7 with this). I can't remember how mupen was.

Now, for your speed issue, there's no easy solution. I think it would take some serious dedication to heavily optimize the gfx plugin. Unfortunately you will probably have problems with z64gl as well. For instance, Super Smash Bros is glitched for me. For a while, I just thought it was the plugin's fault, but I guess it's a hardware issue, because it looked normal on another person's machine . So I'm out of luck lol ;/ . Oh and for me, I get a black screen in f-zero with z64gl, but it works on other people's machines .
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