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Originally Posted by HatCat View Post
I ran out of attachment upload slots using this post, so I'll be trying something different from now on.
Currently I'm going to stick with FileSend to be able to count downloads, in my lack of education about better options.

Available versions for download:
Remember to READ THE MANUAL (not all of it) for any specific concerns pertaining to your use of this software, either before or after running into any issues, but not after complaining about something in a deficient way. This HTML2 help file is provided within the download archive for the latest version.

As you can see by reading the manual, I have named this software Static Interpreter because it was designed to use optional branch elimination and other unusual, slick simplifications of a normal algorithm to a standard CPU execution loop with the fetch-decode-execute pattern. It was designed for the purpose of proving that an interpreter can be just as fast, if not even faster, than a quality re-compiler plugin such as Jabo's MMX re-compiler extension to zilmar's Project64 interpreter, although the goal of surpassing its speed was not uncontestedly met in most games.
hello i cannot download this for some like to could you send me a link please?

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