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Real talk,its not entirely the hacks themselves to blame,its the poor coding (sorry SM64 hacking tool devs) of the legacy tools used to hack SM64.

There is supposed to be some new stuff in the works for SM64 hacking that is possibly meant to fix these issues.

I heard from someone that the hacks are breaking the fog programming which causes the blackness where textures should be while other far more accurate plugins which use LLE and act as an emulated RDP (and the actual console) show a polygonal mess on SM64 hacks such as what Last Impact shown somehow running on an actual console briefly before freezing.
(Can't locate the f*****g video for some damn reason,it exists,did no-fun-Nintendo take it down!)

Other hacks of different games render fine on GLideN64 such as the Banjo-Kazooie ones made with Banjo's Backpack.
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